TS-5000 evo™ Fuel Management System

Available now, the INCON™ brand TS-5000 evo™ brings all of the industry leading features of the TS-550 evo™ to an expanded platform.
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FE Petro™ Variable Speed Pumps

Maximize profits and minimize expenses with FE Petro™ brand variable speed submersible pumping systems - the industry's highest performing 4” pumps.
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APT™ Rigid Entry Boots

The APT™ brand rigid entry boot is loaded with design features that provide long lasting watertight containment entry and installation simplicity.
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FLEX-ING™ FLEX-ON™ Hardwall Hose

With their abuse-resistant, solid wire braid construction and ozone-resistant outer hose construction, FLEX-ING™ brand FLEX-ON™ hardwall hoses are built tough to sand up to any forecourt environment.
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The Total System Solution

We offer the world's most complete line of petroleum equipment including Submersible Pumping Systems, Piping & Containment Systems, Service Station Hardware, Dispensing Systems, Fuel Management Systems and Transport Systems.

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A highlight of some of our latest products and an introduction to the Franklin Fueling Systems commitment to quality, availability, service, innovation and value.


We've designed the TS-550 evo to be the most user-friendly and intuitive fuel management system that the industry has ever seen.


Gemini re-writes the rule book on secondary containment systems making the installation of secondary containment easier and safer than ever before.

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