AutoLearn™ Electronic Line Leak Detection

An TS-LS500 AutoLearn™ electronic line leak detection (ELLD) learns the characteristics of each line, eliminating possible configuration errors and ensures unparalleled leak detection accuracy. It is an optional feature of EVO™ Series fuel management systems. The TS-LS500 AutoLearn™ ELLD system includes a statistical line leak detection (SLLD) feature which can be activated at high throughput sites that cannot accommodate the prolonged downtime necessary for static line leak detection testing.

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  • Highlights

    • Automatically learns exact pipeline characteristics.
    • No pipe type and length programming required.
    • Monitors flexible, steel and/or fiberglass pipelines in any combination up to certified maximum values.
    • Works with submersible pumps generating 25 psi or more.
    • Automatically performs 3.0 gph, 0.2 gph and 0.1 gph line tests, as well as other line pressure checks.
    • Includes the industry’s only statistical line leak detection (SLLD).
    • Positive submersible pump shutdown in the event of a leak.
    • Optional feature of T5 Series fuel management systems.
    • For use in rigid, flex and rigid/flex piping configuration.
    • Intrinsically safe and explosion proof options.
    • Dispenser hook isolation and turbine pump interface (TPI) pump control options.
    • Remote access to line pressure, test, and alarm information.
  • Specs


    • Dimensions: 6-1/4" × 2" NPT.
    • Operating temperature: -40° to 149 °F (-40° to 66 °C).
    • Operating pressure: 0 to 100 psi (0 to 689 kPa).
    • Belden™ (*) cable: #9363-22 AWG, #9364-20 AWG or #9365-18 AWG.
    • Max. sensor to console cable distance: 500' (152.4 M).
    • Sensor port fitting: 2" female NPT.
    • Sensor material: anodized aluminum body and stainless steel sensor.


    • Performs a 3.0 gph leak and pressure test after every dispense cycle or 45 min. Positive shutdown of the affected turbine(s) on test failure.
    • Performs a 0.2 gph monthly and 0.1 gph annual precision leak test during the thermally stable periods of ne dispensing. Optional positive shutdown of the affected turbine(s) on test failure.
    • Performs Pressure up, Catch pressure and other additional checks. Alarm only on test failure.


    • TS-LSU500 UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx
    • TS-LSU500E UL, cUL
    • Third party certification of leak detection capabilities

    T5 Series Specifications

    • Number of lines monitored: 8 (48*)
    • Dispenser hook input channels: 12 (72*)
    • STP control Relay output channels: 8 (50*)
    • Turbine Pump Interface STP control with FE Petro intelligent controllers
    • Applicable liquids: Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels
    • * Maximum number when including additional options
  • Order Info

    Minimum Console Requirements

    • TS-550/5000, EVO™ 550/5000 Fuel Management System
    • TS-ELLD software options (TS-ELLD-G software option for generator-specific applications)
    • TS-ACI, TS-420IB or TS-420EXP, TS-RLY Modules
    • * TS-RLY module is not required when utilizing turbine pump interface (TPI) communications

    Intrinsically Safe

    For new installations where separate low voltage conduits can be used. Use TS-420IB module.

    TS-LS500/22-line transducer kit
    TS-LS500/3 3-line transducer kit
    TS-LS500/44-line transducer kit

    Explosion Proof

    For retrofit installations where only a high voltage conduit can be used. Use TS-420EXP module.

    TS-LS500E/2 2-line transducer kit, explosion proof
    TS-LS500E/33-line transducer kit, explosion proof
    TS-LS500E/44-line transducer kit, explosion proof
    • Note: Using turbine pump interface (TPI) communications eliminates the need for a TS-RLY module; FFS intelligent controllers required.

    Alternative Fuels Accessories

    TS-AFALNIP Leak generator needle valve kit required for E85 installations
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