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The Benefits of Defender Series Spill Containment


Dependable Spill Containment for a Demanding Market

Defenders Cover 08 12 Small 1024X720The field-proven Defender SeriesTM has gone toe-to-toe with the worst conditions the world’s forecourts could throw at it and came out with a reputation for dependability and versatility. So how could you possibly improve upon the most dependable spill containment series on the market?

For starters, we’ve integrated it into our rugged multiport platform and outfitted it for complete biofuel compatibility. The best defense just got simply better.

 Spills In, Water Out 

Video _defender -teaserCheck out our teaser video published at FranklinFueling YouTube channel

The foremost function of a spill container is to keep spills in and keep water out all while enduring constant attack from weather, forecourt traffic and continuous fuel delivery handling. The rugged concrete ring, sturdy snow plow ring, integrated liquid dam and gasketed lid keep the

Defender Series capturing spills and repelling water intrusion for maximum protection of your liquid investment.

Franklin has integrated the direct bury Defender Series spill container into its multiport platform for a new level of protection and complete ease of access. With several layout configurations to choose from, the multiport platform lets you incorporate all of your spill containment needs into one space-saving area.

Built on the successful Phil-Tite multiport platform, the Defender Series multiport features a rugged steel skirt to hold backfill away so you can access spill containment.

Fully Biofuel Compatible

The Defender Series incorporates only the highest-grade biofuel compatible components, which allow for use with petroleum, petroleum/alcohol blends (including E-85), diesel and biodiesel.

With full biofuel compatibility the Defender Series provides an even greater level of value by allowing you to carry one spill container for all fuel applications; reducing carrying costs and inventory while increasing turns.

Product Details

Learn more about the Defender Series Spill Containment by viewing SlideRocket product presentation or read our new brochure (PDF file).

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