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Key Questions About Defender Series Spill Containment Answered


We previously published a news item about our Defender SeriesTM Spill Containment and realized there were four key questions that you – our customers – wanted answered.

Defender - CutawayQ1: Can I Upgrade My Single Wall Spill Containment?

Regulations and requirements are constantly changing. The Defender Series lets you choose a single wall spill containment option with the ability to upgrade to a double wall spill containment option in the future for twice the protection. The upgrade is simple and can be carried out without having to break concrete; an expense and hassle that no one wants to encounter.

Upgrading from single wall to double wall spill containment with the Defender Series is easy. Simply remove the snow plow ring, unthread the single wall container, and thread on the double wall spill container before replacing the snow plow ring to complete the upgrade.

Q2: Can I Easily Install or Retrofit my Spill Containment?

Let’s face it; installations don’t always go exactly as planned. Installers will love the variable height adjustment feature of the Defender Series, which allows for 3 inches of adjustment in installation height, making it easy to ensure proper grade level installation. This feature allows for easy replacement of most spill containers in retrofit applications.

The Defender Series is available in three different thread configurations at the riser to spill container connection (NPSM, NPT, and BSPT) providing a global solution for varying installation requirements.

Q3: What About Interstitial Monitoring, Is It Covered?

Defender -CutawaysThe peace of mind in knowing your double wall spill containment is performing as it should is priceless. The Defender Series features two options, both mechanical and electronic, to receive immediate confirmation of the integrity of the interstitial space so you can spend less time worrying about the possibility of leaks.

The I2 Monitor provides a mechanical means to visually carry out monthly and annual inspections of the interstitial space by simply removing the cover and viewing the oversized, easy-to-read monitor dial.

The electronic monitoring option includes a TS-ULS liquid sensor which can be paired with a fuel management system to provide immediate notification of liquid into the interstitial space.

Q4: How Can I Maintain My Spill Containment?

Maintenance with the Defender Series is a breeze. With the direct bury models, you can easily replace interior containment without having to break any concrete.

A feature truly unique to the Defender Series, the plow ring bolts are completely protected – located inside the interior of the container shielding them from the potential wear and tear of the forecourt environment.

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