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Franklin Fueling Systems is set to launch its new Total System Solutions™ campaign along with their latest product and installer training innovations at the 2016 NACS/PEI tradeshow.

Total System Solutions™
Targeted to show distributors, marketers, and installers how they can maximize their system efficiency while reducing cost and installation time, the new Total System Solutions™ campaign will feature product systems designed to create efficiencies and user benefits beyond those of standalone products. Franklin will have on display multiple product systems including Pre-Packaged Sumps, Turbine Pump Interface, Electronic Line Leak Detection, Hose Solutions, and the EZ FIT Flexible Connector System.

Product Innovations
Franklin will have on display the latest in petroleum equipment design including its new Water-Resistant Tank Sumps, Digital Inventory & Leak Detection Probes, as well as the highly-popular Defender Series® Overfill Prevention Valve. Amongst the new products, Franklin will also have on display its full lines of Piping & Containment Systems, Fuel Management Systems, Service Station Hardware, Submersibles Pumping Systems, and Dispensing Systems.

FFS PRO: University
FFS PRO: University, which launched earlier in this year, serves as the industry’s premier training, certification and resource tool for installation professionals. Through this exciting new online and live training and accreditation service, fuel system installers can get trained and certified in the safe installation and maintenance of all Franklin Fueling Systems’ products. Franklin will have the new platform on display along with live demos of the FFS PRO: Site Builder system.


FFS PRO UniversityFranklin Fueling Systems, the global leader in Total System Solutions™ for retail petroleum equipment systems, has announced the launch of FFS PRO: University. This new full-feature platform will serve as the industry’s premier training, certification, and resource tool for installation professionals. Through this exciting new online and live training and accreditation service, fuel system installers can get trained and certified in the safe installation and maintenance of all Franklin Fueling Systems’ products.

FFS PRO: University has been designed with Franklin’s Total System Solutions™ approach and built on a platform that focuses on installer safety at every step. The new platform capitalizes on practical end-to-end installation by functional areas of the petroleum equipment system and installer competence. This provides the installer with a holistic view of how the individual components are designed to work in harmony as a complete system. As a prerequisite for all training, installers are required to take a Fueling System Safety certification course to educate them on potential site dangers and prepare them for work in hazardous environments.

“Franklin continues to introduce ways to deliver safety and protection of human health and the environment, while striving for the lowest total cost of ownership,” said Jay Walsh, Franklin Fueling Systems Executive Vice President. “This is another example of how we are leading the charge for safer installation practices that protect installers and reduce onsite exposure, which in turn provides station owners with reduced installation costs”

FFS PRO: University offers two learning methods to best fit the needs of different companies. The online training capability allows users to choose from a variety of on-demand courses, in a self-paced learning environment. The live Total System Solutions™ Training Workshop option allows an entire company to get trained and certified on all of Franklin’s products with a five-day session hosted by Franklin’s global network of expert Field Service Engineers.

Visit and become an accredited fueling system FFS PRO today.


Shell CanopyFranklin Fueling Systems, the global leader in total system solutions for retail petroleum equipment systems, announced today a 5 year relationship agreement with Shell encompassing the underground fuel systems available as an option across the branded network of 43,000 retail sites in over 70 countries.  Shell branded stations serve 25 million customers per day and sell approximately 160 billion litres of fuel annually.

Franklin is uniquely positioned to offer complete retail fueling solutions including Piping and Containment Systems, Submersible Pumping Systems, Fuel Management Systems, Service Station Hardware and Dispensing Systems under one agreement.

As part of this relationship agreement, Shell’s company owned sites and network of dealers, branded wholesalers and licensees all have access to Franklin Fueling Systems’ innovative products and complete end-to-end system solutions. 

Franklin’s training, accreditation and assurance services were important factors in securing the contract. Franklin will continue to provide optimized system layouts, which are strategic to reducing total cost of ownership by allowing the design of cost efficient site layouts.

"Franklin Fueling Systems is exceptionally suited to deliver the most innovative and high quality products to meet our clients’ needs," said Jay Walsh, Franklin Fueling System Executive Vice President. "We are the industry leader in complete fuel system solutions. Franklin is committed to building the best fuel stations, with the finest equipment, and in the safest manner."


We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the previously announced recall of some of our FLEX-ING™ brand hoses assembled with a swivel fitting on at least one end of the hose. In December of 2015, we contacted distributors to arrange the exchange of affected hoses. Through their efforts, we have already received the vast majority of affected hoses (both installed and not yet installed). We would like to thank our distributors for their tremendous cooperation in executing these exchanges. 

This week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission released their official press release regarding this recall previously announced by Franklin Fueling Systems. Please click here for a direct link to this press release. This is NOT a new recall. All content in this press release refers to the recall announced in December of 2015.

In full cooperation with the CPSC, your continued efforts are necessary to locate and return for exchange or refund any hose /swivel assemblies meeting the criteria of this recall. Please click here for full details and contact Franklin Fueling Systems at 800-984-6266 with any questions. 


FFS Pro - Devices SimpleFranklin Fueling Systems is pleased to announce the launch of FFS PRO: Site Builder, a new and powerful quoting tool. Built by our design optimization engineers and powered by our years of petroleum equipment design expertise, FFS PRO: Site Builder will have you quoting like a professional in no time. The intuitive user interface will help guide you through the process of quoting a site including a full bill of materials and pricing.

Watch this step-by-step video to see how easy it is to create your own quote and bill of materials for a complete site, or check out the FFS PRO: Site Builder website here

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Hose/Swivel Assembly Recall

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Hose/Swivel Assembly Recall



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