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A lot has changed since 1988 when the first FE Petro™ submersible pumps rolled off the production line. One thing that hasn’t changed in the 25 years since our first product hit the market is our commitment to customers like you. Through dedication to our company's five key factors (Quality, Availability, Service, Innovation and Value), Franklin Fueling Systems continually delivers world-class product solutions to fuel your business.

Why Quality Matters to Franklin Fueling Systems

For over 25 years Franklin Fueling Systems has operated on a foundation of five Key Factors for Success to ensure our customers are provided with a total system solution that’s second to none: Quality, Availability, Service, Innovation, and Value. Living those principles takes passion, commitment and discipline. We don’t just put those words on paper; our people bring them to life. Meet some of our team members behind your total system solution.

We want to celebrate our 25th anniversary with a special gift for you, our valued customer.

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DecalGet a set of four Franklin Fueling Systems logo decals by liking our Facebook page to become a fan and then tell us how the quality of our products and services have helped your business during the last 25 years.

These decals are a great way to show off your pride in the Franklin Fueling Systems products and services and are ideal for your front doors or company vehicles. Your logo Vinyl set includes two black and two white decals, one set for your vehicle and one set for your business.

We will be looking for stories that exemplify the company’s five key factors for success over the last 25 years: Quality, Availability, Service, Innovation and Value.


662 Valve - SmallIn late 2012 Franklin Fueling Systems announced the release of an enhanced e-coated design for our 662 Series emergency shear valves. We are pleased to announce that our new design has now achieved ATEX approval.

To receive ATEX approval, an independent third party must validate that the product in question meets the standards for use in an explosive atmosphere as outlined in the European Directive 94/9/EC.

EBW™ brand 662 Series emergency shear valves immediately stop product flow in the event of fire or collision at the dispenser. A patented adapter shears upon impact, causing the poppet to seal on the valve body preventing fuel spillage. When fire occurs, a fusible link releases the fulcrum arm, engaging the poppet. Standard 1-1/2" openings allow minimal flow restriction and a pre-drilled test plug is included for line pressure testing. The valve can be boss or U-bolt mounted. Easy-to-replace adapters slide on and off valve base without lifting the dispenser. Adapters are available in male, female or union connections. Single poppet models stop product flow from the pump. Double poppet models stop flow from the pump and dispenser piping.

662 Series emergency shear valves offer full compatibility with gasoline, gas/alcohol blends (including E85), diesel and biodiesel. This has been achieved in part through an e-coating process widely used in the automotive industry to electrostatically bond paint to a metal surface. This provides seven times the durability of conventional galvanized and/or zinc coatings.


  • Fusible link closes poppet in the event of a fire (165.0 ºF and 73.9 ºC).
  • Single and double poppet.
  • Main poppet seals in valve body, preventing accidents when replacing adapters.
  • E-coated body for corrosion protection.
  • Meets NFPA 30A requirements.
  • AGB compatible (E-85, gasoline and Biodiesel).
  • ATEX approved

Click here for more technical details on the 662 Series emergency shear valves  or download the 662 Series emergency shear valve Datasheet (PDF file).

Please contact Franklin Fueling Systems Customer Service at +49 6571 105 380 if you have any questions regarding pricing or the enhancement of this product.


New -WebsiteFranklin Fueling Systems (FFS) launched today the all new website - our global hub for the latest product information, news and customer resources. The new website was completely redesigned to include new features for today’s industry including a global market-specific structure, enhanced content, news, videos and a responsive design capability for use on mobile devices.

“As with every new product that Franklin Fueling Systems develops the first thing we did was turn to our customers to research their needs and usage of the existing website in order to ensure our new website would fully meet their expectations,” said Andrew Knapp, Global Brand Manager from Franklin Fueling Systems. “One of the interesting trends we discovered was a fairly significant increase in traffic to the website through mobile devices,” said Knapp.

With this research in mind, the new was designed to be responsive, meaning no matter what type of device you are viewing the website on (PC, tablet or smart phone), the content automatically adjusts itself for optimum viewing.

“Our customers will find this responsive design feature to be a huge benefit. We designed the website with today’s speed of business in mind. Whether you are an installer out in a trench on the installation site or a distributor sales person stopping in quick to see a customer – you can quickly call up on your smart phone and download an installation manual or watch videos on our latest products right from one user-friendly location,” said Knapp. “When you pair the new website and its mobile capabilities with the recently released Franklin Fueling Systems iPad® app, you have got a really progressive, technologically advanced lineup of tools which no other manufacturer provides. This offering clearly underscores FFS position as the industry’s technology leader,“ continued Knapp.

With Franklin Fueling Systems global presence, providing a new website that catered to the different needs of different markets also took center stage during the design process. One of the first things visitors will notice is that the new gives you regionalized, market-specific content. If you are viewing the website from Germany, you are going to see products that relate to you and your market like our EN Standard pipe products or our 60Hz submersible pump products. This makes the user experience very intuitive and easy to navigate.

“The new is a single global hub for all markets. It takes into consideration the fact that the user might not know exactly what they are looking for and we’ve designed it to intelligently provide you with content and product solutions based on the market you operate in,” said Knapp.

Other new advancements on include an entirely new design for individual product pages, an array of new videos and a new Download Library. “One thing that we really wanted to focus on was providing every piece of information a user could possibly want for a specific product in one location. If you look at the new individual product pages you will see we have put everything from videos, specifications, brochures, manuals and even software update downloads right in one spot for each product,” said Knapp. “The new design just makes everything easier for the user to find.”

Up next for is full-time site maintenance as well as the addition of multiple languages. “The new is a living thing. Along with timely updates to product information, we are featuring a new market-specific news feed. Just like the rest of the website, our news feed recognizes where you are in the world and provides content specifically selected for you,” said Knapp. “We are also developing the website in multiple languages to really cater to the needs of our global customer base. You can look forward to seeing these full-site translations throughout the rest of 2013 and beyond.”

Be sure to check out the brand new website and also the Franklin Fueling Systems iPad® app available for free to download in the Apple® App Store®.


With the recent release of many new pieces of product literature, Franklin Fueling Systems would like to make sure you are aware of all of the great new product information available to you. Franklin prides itself on providing the best sales information to its customer in order to provide them with the information (details) they need to make informed decisions.

Product Line Brochures

Click on any of the images to download a digital PDF version or visit the Online Literature Ordering page to get your printed copy.

  • SSHService Station Hardware Overview
     With one of the industry’s widest arrays of products, the EBW and Phil-Tite brand Service Station Hardware product line provides the most comprehensive and environmentally friendly system of tank trim and hardware available. A wide range of biofuel compatible system components ensure compatibility with evolving fuel needs while the large breadth of products provides the right solution for any application.
  • FMSFuel Management Systems Overview
    A complete line of cutting edge tank gauge consoles and state-of-the-art leak detection make INCON brand Fuel Management Systems the industry’s premier brand for total system control. Compliance, inventory management and leak detection monitoring are made easy for every user with the industry’s most intuitive tank gauge user interface.
  • SPSSubmersible Pumping Systems Overview
    With industry leading fuel dispensing rates, premium efficiency and unmatched reliability, FE Petro brand Submersible Pumping Systems are known throughout the world as the industry’s preferred fuelling solution. High performance submersible pumps, controls and leak detectors provide the total solution for safely pumping fuel from the tank to the dispenser.
  • DSDispensing Systems Overview
    As the industry’s leading Stage II vapour recovery system, the HEALY brand Dispensing Systems product offering consists of a diverse line of products designed to provide complete equipment solutions for a wide array of applications. The diversified product line provides reliable, efficient and user-friendly vapour recovery equipment for a global market.
  • ULPCPiping & Containment (EN) Overview
    Piping & Containment Systems consists of the industry’s most complete line of underground and above ground containment products including pipe, fittings, sumps and electrofusion entry seals. Franklin Fueling Systems provides pipework solutions for diverse site needs with the most installer-friendly, semi-rigid piping systems on the market. Whether you require product or vent piping, Franklin has the solution to fit any scenario.
  • ULPCPiping & Containment (UL) Overview
    Piping & Containment Systems consists of the industry’s most complete line of underground and aboveground containment products including pipe, fittings, sumps and boots. Franklin Fueling Systems provides pipework solutions for diverse site needs including XP flexible pipe and UPP semi-rigid pipe. Whether you require product or vent piping, fiberglass or polyethylene sumps, Franklin has the solution to fit any scenario.


EMEA-meetingEvery year Franklin Fueling Systems (FFS) organises a company sales meeting which focuses on European, Middle East and African territories.

This year’s meeting was held in the Turkish city Istanbul, which literally links the European and Asian continents together. FFS’s sales team met technical, customer service and marketing teams to define future key objectives and business strategies for the booming EMEA market.

The meeting started with an opening speech by Don Kenney, FFS president, who spoke about the importance of our commitment to safety. Our sales team presented last year successful EMEA sales figures and we participated in open table discussions about key alliance partnerships and future strategies on what really is important to our customers.

At the core of the meeting was the understanding of the difficulties our customers face within the EMEA market place. To this end the team focused on how to further enhance our  service and product offering to make the customer journey easier and more straightforward. In addition to this, product managers introduced new and exciting product developments which will be launched in 2013.

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