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Jordan Petroleum were awarded Outstanding New Business Partner 2015 in recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Sales and Growth for the Entire Range of FFS Products Market Success. 

The award was  presented to Mr. Khaled Alzoubi, General Manager of Jordan Petroleum Marketing Company by Fevzi Apaydin, Sales Director Western Asia and Middle East during a meeting in Amman, Jordan. Mr. Said Ekour Engineering Manager of Jordan Petroleum Marketing Company was present during the meeting.

In April 2015 a group of engineers from Jordan Petroleum visited Franklin Fueling Systems Headquarters in Madison WI. During this visit the Jordan Petroleum Engineers inspected Franklin’s manufacturing processes and received detailed information on different Franklin product lines. After this visit Jordan Petroleum decided to become a distributor of Franklin Fueling Systems.

The spring 2015 visit was followed by several visits of Franklin engineers to train the most valuable Technical Team of Jordan Petroleum in Amman, Jordan. Theoretical and practical training was provided, along with actual installations of different Franklin products under the supervision of Franklin Engineers.

Over the course of several months Jordan Petroleum Engineers completed multiple projects using Franklin’s advanced equipment. Now the most modern Jordan Petroleum stations are equipped with FE Petro™ Submersible Pumps, UPP™ Piping and Containment Systems, state of the art INCON™ ELLD and ATG systems as well as EBW™ Defender Series™ products. Due to the huge success in such a short period of time, Franklin decided to honor Jordan Petroleum with this excellent award.


FFS PRO UniversityFranklin Fueling Systems, the global leader in Total System Solutions™ for retail petroleum equipment systems, has announced the launch of FFS PRO: University. This new full-feature platform will serve as the industry’s premier training, certification, and resource tool for installation professionals. Through this exciting new online and live training and accreditation service, fuel system installers can get trained and certified in the safe installation and maintenance of all Franklin Fueling Systems’ products.

FFS PRO: University has been designed with Franklin’s Total System Solutions™ approach and built on a platform that focuses on installer safety at every step. The new platform capitalizes on practical end-to-end installation by functional areas of the petroleum equipment system and installer competence. This provides the installer with a holistic view of how the individual components are designed to work in harmony as a complete system. As a prerequisite for all training, installers are required to take a Fueling System Safety certification course to educate them on potential site dangers and prepare them for work in hazardous environments.

“Franklin continues to introduce ways to deliver safety and protection of human health and the environment, while striving for the lowest total cost of ownership,” said Jay Walsh, Franklin Fueling Systems Executive Vice President. “This is another example of how we are leading the charge for safer installation practices that protect installers and reduce onsite exposure, which in turn provides station owners with reduced installation costs”

FFS PRO: University offers two learning methods to best fit the needs of different companies. The online training capability allows users to choose from a variety of on-demand courses, in a self-paced learning environment. The live Total System Solutions™ Training Workshop option allows an entire company to get trained and certified on all of Franklin’s products with a five-day session hosted by Franklin’s global network of expert Field Service Engineers.

Visit and become an accredited fueling system FFS PRO today.


AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is an innovative new product which is becoming increasingly popular. Due to the increased popularity, we at Franklin decided to put together a quick, easy guide. Simply click on the image below to view our full sized infographic, which answers the following questions:

FFS_Infographic -DEF-THUMB

What is Adblue®/DEF?
What does Adblue®/DEF do?
How is Adblue®/DEF used?
How is Adblue®/DEF stored?
What do I need to know about Adblue®/DEF

Franklin Fueling Systems offers a complete system of AdBlue®/DEF compatible products all from a single manufacturer. Our system is designed together – to work together, resulting in unmatched system performance and an energy efficient means of keeping Adblue®/DEF from freezing at low temperatures.

Recirculation System
Because AdBlue®/DEF will freeze at around -11° C (12° F), no Adblue®/DEF system is complete without a means to prevent this post-combustion additive from freezing in the lines and costing you loss of potential sales.

Submersible Pumping Kits
Our FE Petro™ brand Adblue®/DEF submersible turbine pump (STP) kits come complete with everything you need for pumping Adblue®/DEF, including a pump motor assembly built just for Adblue®/DEF applications.

All compatible hardware products are composed of Adblue®/DEF compatible materials including stainless steel and various elastomers.

Hanging Hardware
Our complete AdBlue®/DEF hanging hardware solution includes everything you need to safely dispense Adblue®/DEF and protect you and your customers from costly mis-fills.

Click here to view our complete solution for AdBlue®/DEF compatible products.



M Fueling were awarded a Distributor Award 2015 in recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Sales and Growth Towards FE Petro Products Market Success. 

The award was presented to Mr. Ali Mesudiyeli, CEO of M Fueling during a meeting in Istanbul. Peter van der Gaag, Vice President Sales EMEA and Fevzi Apaydin, Sales Director Western Asia and Middle East from Franklin Fueling Systems presented the award.

The business relation between Franklin Fueling Systems and M Fueling began in 2007. Over the last eight years M Fueling has marketed various Franklin products to an excellent standard in the Turkish Market.

Mr. Ali Mesudiyeli comes from a very strong background, namely the first big dispenser manufacturer of Turkey MEKSAN. This strong background helped him to understand the needs of the customers in the Turkish Market and serve them to an excellent satisfaction level.  This way M Fueling contributed to the excellent success of FE-Petro products in the Turkish Market over the years.

In 2015 M Fueling almost doubled the FE Petro™ product sales in the Turkish Market and achieved an excellent success story. When we asked Mr. Ali Mesudiyeli, CEO of M Fueling about the secrets of this huge success, he told us that his strong background in the industry as well as being sensitive to customer expectations and serving them with state of the art products helped him to achieve these wonderful results.

Due to the continuous success of M Fueling, increasing sales results beyond expectations Franklin decided to honor M Fueling with this Distributor award.



Interpet were awarded Outstanding Business Partner 2015 in recognition of "Outstanding Support for the Entire Range of FFS Products."  The award was presented to Mr. Bekir Aluc, CEO of Interpet, during a meeting in Istanbul. Peter van der Gaag, Vice President Sales EMEA, and Fevzi Apaydin, Sales Director Western Asia and Middle East from Franklin Fueling Systems presented the award.

Mrs. Yasemin Aluc, CFO,  Mr. Tuten Aluc, Business Development Manager and Mrs. Ceylan Tiryakioglu, Foreign Trade Manager, of Interpet were present during the meeting.

The business relation between Franklin and Interpet started during the second half of 2010 and was originally limited to FE-Petro™ pumps. As the relationship developed fuel management systems and UPP™ products were added to complete Interpet's product offering.Interpet recently introduced Electronic Line Leak Detection (ELLD) and Secondary Containment Monitoring (SCM) solutions to the Turkish Market and received orders from major marketers, such as Petrol Ofisi/OMV.

Interpet have a history of serving our mutual customers to the highest possible level, so Franklin decided to honor Interpet with this distinguished award.


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