NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System

NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System

The NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System rapidly suppresses harmful and potentially explosive storage tank Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), leaving breathable air for safe cleaning, inspection, maintenance, or removal.


When performing cleaning, maintenance, inspection, or removal the tank must be opened and entered. Even after the tank has been drained, hazardous and explosive vapors remain which escape into the atmosphere and create an unsafe work environment for human entry. The NanoVapor Vapor Suppression System improves air quality so service personnel can work in an non-explosion, non-toxic environment.


The NanoVapor system rapidly degasses the tank in a safer and greener manner compared to conventional methods. It requires none of the residual cleanup or storage associated with water-filling or nitrogen methods.

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Safe Suppressant

The TankSafe suppresant is non-toxic, non-reactive, and safe to store. The delivery unit is portable, compact, and operates using compressed air  with no electrical or moving parts.

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Fast Acting

The NanoVapor system dramatically reduces the time needed to degas a tank – as fast as 45 minutes for a 20,000 liter tank to less than 10% LEL. Additional applications may be required to maintain the desired LEL and is dependent on the duration of the work being performed.

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No Waste

TankSafe is derived from renewable materials, and is readily biodegradable. It leaves no residue or waste product behind, eliminating the costly cleanup and disposal of hazardous materials.


TankSafe™ Vapor Suppressant, when activated with the TankSafe™ Delivery Unit, reduces the amount of time spent reaching a safe Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), increases the amount of time that VOCs stay suppressed, and produces no hazardous by-products.

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1. Air Compressor

A portable jobsite twin-tool air compressor is used to generate the air that safely powers the system.

2. Delivery Unit

The non-toxic TankSafe™ Vapor Suppressant Solution is activated within the TankSafe™ Delivery Unit.

3. Molecular Barrier

TankSafe™ forms an effective VOC barrier at a molecular level, stopping VOC formation and lowering the LEL to safe levels.

4. Vent Stack

Harmful VOCs are safely vented out of the 12’ vent stack, so work can be safely performed. 


TankSafe™, when activated with the TankSafe™ Delivery Unit, reduces the amount of time spent reaching a safe Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), increases the amount of time that VOCs stay suppressed, and produces no hazardous by-products.

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  • Stops organic evaporation through complex molecular action​ that rapidly reduces vapor concentrations to safe levels. ​

  • Forms a molecular barrier suppressing fuel vapors so personnel can safely perform facility upgrades, piping repairs, gasket replacement, and other hot/cold work that otherwise could ignite the highly flammable fuel vapors.

  • Available in 5-liter containers – less than one ounce of active molecular suppressant ingredient is needed to degas 100 m3 of tank volume.

  • Aqueous surfactant solution.

  • Non-reactive​, non-toxic​, readily biodegradable.

  • Water-soluble, fuel-soluble, and does not affect fuel quality.
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When compared to other tank degassing methods, the NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System helps to reduce onsite exposure for personnel while also lessening the environmental impact and cleanup. 

A Safe Alternative

Simple air purging can take several days before a tank reaches safe LEL/VOC levels and spread noxious and dangerous fuel vapors into the air in the immediate vicinity. This can create a significant health and safety hazard. The NanoVapor™ system greatly reduces the risk and exposure levels.

Reduce Onsite Exposure

The NanoVapor™ system suppresses harmful VOCs but leaves behind breathable atmosphere, reducing risk of asphyxiation and explosion. Faster suppression times reduce overall on-site exposure and promote worker safety.


The NanoVapor™ system reduces the overall VOCs released into the atmosphere, and does not produce a waste product, unlike conventional methods like nitrogen gas tank inerting and water-filling which produce waste that must be processed separately.

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The NanoVapor system is easy to operate and portable, delivering labor cost efficiencies. 

Simple to Operate

TankSafe™ is simply loaded into the Delivery Unit, which is attached by an appropriate adapter to the enclosed space, and blown into the space utilizing compressed air. A separate vent in the enclosed space is opened to allow the unwanted air to escape.


Weighing in at under 100 pounds, the TankSafe™ Delivery Unit features a durable aluminum plate, steel frame construction, and reinforced handles making it easy to transport from job to job.

Cost Savings

The significant time saved compared to conventional nitrogen gas or water-filling methods improves overall efficiency and reduces site downtime to keep business flowing, while also eliminating the costs of hazardous material disposal.

NanoVapor™ System Components

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  1. TankSafe™ Delivery Unit
  2. Flexible ducting
  3. Camlock Adapter
  4. Drop tube, single outlet (end-tank bung)
  5. Drop tube, double outlet (mid-tank bung)
  6. Diffuser
  7. Female tank adapter
  8. Male cam lock adapter
  9. Cam lock adapter
  10. Vent section with sample boss, 2m long
  11. Vent section, middle, 1m long
  12. Vent section, top, 2m long

TankSafe™ Delivery Unit Components

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  1. Outlet
  2. Inlet
  3. Lifting handles
  4. View port
  5. TankSafe™ product connection
  6. TankSafe™ pick up tube
  7. Compressed air connections
  8. Air filters
  9. Air valves
  10. Nozzle
  11. Earthing wire


TankSafe Vapor Suppressant

  • Aqueous surfactant solution
  • Non-reactive​
  • Non-toxic​
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Typically <0.5 ppm in a 50,000 liter tank

TankSafe Delivery Unit

  • 100 lbs ( 45kg)​
  • 14" x 32" x 48" (36 cm x 81 cm x 122 cm)​
  • Compressed air driven​ by twin-tool compressor
  • Max pressure 150 PSI
  • ATEX Zone 2, CE marked​

TankSafe™ Vapor Suppressant

Model Number Description
NV-TS-5 TankSafe™ Vapor Suppressant, 5 liter container
Model Number Description
NV-ST-1000 TankSafe™ Delivery Unit

Vent Sections

Vent sections attach to the top of the tank outlet connection. The vent section with an integrate sample boss includes a valve and reducer to allow safe sampling of the exhaust air for Lower Explosive Limit measurement.

Model Number Description
NV-001 Vent section, top, 2m long
NV-001A Vent section, middle, 1m long
NV-002 Vent section with sample boss, (1) 2 m long, includes ½" valve and spigot for a gas meter hose

Drop Tubes

Drop tubes include a male camlock fitting to allow the inlet adapter to be connected to it. The single outlet is designed for tanks where the tank top is at one end. The double outlet is designed for tanks where the tank top is in the middle.

Model Number Description
NV-003 4" drop tube, single outlet, 1.5m long
NV-004 4" drop tube, double outlet, 1.5m long
NV-005 3" drop tube, single outlet, 1.5m long
NV-006 3" drop tube, doulbe outlet, 1.5m long
NV-007 2" drop tube, single outlet, 1.5m long

Camlock Adapter

The camlock adapter is used to connect the 200mm diameter flexible ducting to the drop tube inlet or offset fill.

Model Number Description
NV-008 4" female camlock adapter, 198mm

Camlock & Tank Adapters

Model Number Description
NV-009B 4" male camlock x 4" BSPP female thread tank adapter
NV-009D Aluminum 4” male cam lock x 4” male NPT
NV-009C Aluminum 4” male cam lock x 4” female NPT
Model Number Description
NV-009A 3" BSPP double male barrel nipple
Model Number Description
NV-009 4" BSPP male x 3" BSPP male tank adapter

Flexible Ducting

Both 3 meter and 6 meter ducting are ATEX compliant. The 3 meter duct connects the TankSafe™ Delivery Unit to the plain adapter for the inlet connection. The 6 meter duct connects to the suction side and can be inserted into the chamber or tank to remove LEL or to vent the tank.

Model Number Description
NV-010 200 mm x 3 m flexible ducting
NV-010A Spiral hose bridging clamp, 2 pack
NV-011 200 mm x 6 m flexible ducting
NV-011A Spiral hose bridging clamp, 1 pack

Air Line Whip Checks

Two whip checks are needed for the TankSafe™ Delivery Unit end of the air hose and two whip checks are needed for the compressor end of the air hoses.

Model Number Description
NV-012 Air line whip checks, 4 pack

Mini Rocket

Mini rocket acts as a vapor collection vessel to link various small outlets on either the tank top or the pump line, vapor recovery line, or offset fill outlets.

Model Number Description
NV-013 Mini Rocket, 200 mm outlet with four inlets that are 50 mm each

Anti-Static Lay Flat Duct

The 6" (150 mm wide) anti-static flat duct  is used to connect various small outlets on the pump line, vapor recovery line, or offset fill outlets that connect to the Mini Rocket inlet. The 8¼" (210mm) anti-static flat is used on the Mini Rocket outlet and allows venting to the atmosphere.

Model Number Description
NV-014 8¼" (210 mm) anti-static lay flat duct x 50 m roll (black)
NV-015 6" (150 mm) anti-static lay flat duct x 75 m roll (pink)
NV-016 Large Rocket for vapor collection

Drop Tube Diffusers

Drop Tube Diffusers are used inside the drop tube to produce laminar flow for sludge or excess fuel in the bottom of the tank.

Model Number Description
NV-017 Drop tube diffuser, 4" insert
NV-018 Drop tube diffuser, 3" insert
NV-019 Drop tube diffuser, 2" insert

Air Filters & Spare Parts

Model Number Description
NV-020 Air filter spares pack, includes (2) air filter bowls, (4) O-rings, (6) filters, (4) compressor hose rubber seals.
NV-020A Air filter bowl
NV-020B Filter bowl O-ring
NV-020C Air filters, 2 pack
NV-020D Compressor hose rubber seals, 4 pack

Fuel & Sludge Removal Pipe

Model Number Description
NV-022A 30 m3 tank fuel and sludge removal pipe, includes (7) pipes and (6) swivels
NV-022B 40 m3 tank fuel and sludge removal pipe, includes (8) pipes and (7) swivels
NV-022C 50 m3 tank fuel and sludge removal pipe, includes (9) pipes and (8) swivels
NV-022D 60 m3 tank fuel and sludge removal pipe, includes (10) pipes and (9) swivels
NV-022 20 m3 tank fuel and sludge removal pipe, includes (6) pipes and (5) swivels
  • The 1" diameter aluminum pipe includes a1" BSPP male thread on one end and a 1" BSPP female thread with sealing O-ring on the other end. The aluminum swivels are used to connect the pipes and allow articulation into the tank.