Developed with the changing needs of station owners and C-store operators, the EVO™ Series delivers advanced fuel system control and monitoring, while also allowing operators to leverage their ATG investment to streamline additional business operations.

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Corrosion Control™

Fully automate the removal of corrosion-causing water from tanks and monitor for corrosive environments.

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Flow Rate Monitoring

Detect and react to potential slow flow issues with automated daily reporting and alarms, helping to improve flow rates and dispenser throughput.

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Turbine Pump Interface

Enhanced remote pump monitoring and control including pump-in-water automation, clogged intake escalation, tank leveling, tank priority, and more.

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Custom Apps

Logic Conditions lets users create custom applications to do things like automate compliance testing and reporting, temperature monitor food & beverage coolers, control lighting, and so much more.

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One Touch Buttons

Automate and carry out anything from complex, multi-function processes to simple daily delivery report generation – all with the touch of a single button.

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Compliance Monitoring

Full-featured compliance monitoring for any size fuel system with monthly and annual tank testing, containment testing, and line testing - even for busy sites with minimal downtime.

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Tank Monitoring

Make informed, data-driven inventory management decisions with highly accurate tank level monitoring, tank autocalibration, and inventory reconciliation.

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Leak Detection

Electronic Line Leak Detection (ELLD) continuously monitors pipework to detect leaks and provide hourly, monthly, and annual precision line leak detection compliance testing requirements.

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Containment Monitoring

Whether the application requires basic, straightforward liquid detection or monitoring for the presence of fuel in a sump, EVO™ has it covered with automated alerts and easy compliance reporting.


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You choose your home screen, you program your product colors, and you choose your One Touch Button actions. Customize the interface to meet your business needs the way you operate. 

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Quick Jump Menu

Navigate quickly from application to application with ease. This time-saving menu makes the interface’s structure extremely shallow, simple to navigate, and reduces the amount of steps it takes to accomplish tasks.

Icon-Based Design

Designed to be understood easily and operated intuitively. EVO™ is simple to operate for new users and can reduce the amount of training required to operate.


Users can customize up to six One Touch Buttons to execute processes, choose a favorite home screen, and customize the colors of fuel grade types to easily identify and navigate to each tank.


A full-color 7” LCD touchscreen serves up one of the most intuitive user interfaces available with simplified user features you won’t find anywhere else.


EVO™ keeps sites in compliance and protected from leaks while connecting operators to vital inventory data whenever, and wherever.

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Compliance Monitoring

Monitor and automate compliance-related activities, simplify regulatory reporting requirements, and ensure optimal fuel system performance.

Inventory Management

Track and manage fuel inventory levels, optimize fuel supply, and prevent runouts with inventory automation and customizable notifications.

Leak Detection

Proactively identify and address any potential issues, ensuring the safety and integrity of fuel storage, pipework, and the distribution processes.


The FFS PRO® Connect Web Browser Interface allows operators to securely and remotely connect to EVO™ from any web enabled device. Automatic scaling provides access to site information whether using a PC, tablet, or smart phone.

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Remote Monitoring

Get remote access to vital site data including tank status, sensor status, pump status, active events, alarm history, and event history.

Inventory Forecasting

Remotely monitor tank levels, review delivery information, and forecast usage to precisely schedule deliveries and avoid costly run-outs.

Easy Reporting

Get access to a wide variety of reports that can be custom-scheduled, displayed, printed, or emailed at specific times.


Get secure, direct one-to-one access to any EVO™ on any web enabled device.


Leveraging must-have site technology, like EVO™, to do more than just fuel inventory and compliance monitoring can help C-store operators automate business operations, optimize staffing, and reduce maintenance costs.

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The EVO™ Series offers four different options with right-sized features to meet the requirements of your specific application, size, and compliance needs. 

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EVO™ 600 & EVO™ 6000

Highly accurate inventory management and full-featured compliance monitoring for any size fuel system – plus advanced features to automate and streamline C-store operations.

  • EVO™ 600: 72 Total Inputs*
  • EVO™ 6000: 132 Total Inputs*
  • Inventory & Delivery Management
  • Containment & Interstitial Sensor Monitoring
  • Statis & Continuous Tank Testing
  • Turbine Pump Interface
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Tank Autocalibration
  • Flow Rate Monitoring
  • Custom Applications (Logic Conditions)
  • FFS PRO® Connect Remote Web Interface
  • Corrosion Control™ Integration
  • Electronic Line Leak Detection
  • Statistical Line Leak Detection
  • Secondary Containment Monitoring
  • DEF/AdBlue® Recirculation
  • Remote Control Solution Integration
  • Expansion Console Compatibility
  • Multiplexing Sensor Hub Compatibility

*Additional capacity is available when combined with Expansion Modules and/or Multiplexing Sensor Hubs.

EVO MORE - Family - 200-400 Top.psd

EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400

Highly accurate inventory management, compliance monitoring, and advanced fuel system control for small to mid-size operations.

  • EVO™ 200: 6 Total Inputs
  • EVO™ 400: 14 Total Inputs
  • Inventory & Delivery Management
  • Containment & Interstitial Sensor Monitoring
  • Statis & Continuous Tank Testing
  • Turbine Pump Interface
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Tank Autocalibration
  • Flow Rate Monitoring
  • Custom Applications (Logic Conditions)


Franklin Electric provides a complete set of accessories compatible with EVO™ Series. Pair an EVO™ with an inventory probe and float kit for precision tank level monitoring. Monitor containment with a discriminating or non-discriminating sensor to ensure compliance.
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Digital inventory and leak detection probes provide accurate tank level monitoring and reporting with optional leak detection capabilities.



No matter what the monitoring application is, Franklin Electric offers a sensor solution tailored to the specific requirements of each application.

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Installation Kits

From probe riser and interstitial caps, to containment installation kits for sensors, Franklin Electric has your installation hardware needs covered.