At the edge of a mobility revolution and an increasingly connected world, our customers now rely on our products and services to do so much more beyond just petroleum systems. The marketers, distributors, and technicians we support are leveraging our innovations in new ways to streamline their businesses, remotely monitor and control their critical assets, and move forward into new frontiers. We meet this changing tide with a familiar symbol from our past that is well suited for our future. Welcome back Franklin Electric.


For more than 30 years, Franklin Electric has delivered innovative products and services to protect human health and the environment, while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. Check out our industry-first achievements.

1996  Variable speed submersible turbine pump

1996  Variable length submersible turbine pumps

1998  Intelligent submersible pump controllers

2000  AutoLearn™ electronic line leak detection

2002  MagShell™ expanded pump motor assembly

2002  Turbine pump interface

2010  Gemini™ secondary contained pipework fittings

2012  EVO™ Series automatic tank gauges

2013  DEF/AdBlue® submersible pumps

2014  Advanced protection submersible turbine pumps

2015  MLD+ mechanical leak detectors

2015  Defender Series® spill containers

2016  Digital inventory & leak detection probes

2016  FFS PRO® University

2017  EVO™ 200 & EVO™ 400 automatic tank gauges

2017  CableTight™ premium electrical conduit

2019  Defender Series® P/V vent vault

2019  Corrosion Control™ System

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