EVO™ Series User Interface Demo

EVO 600 Series Group Wide.psd

A full-color 7” LCD touchscreen serves up one of the most intuitive user interfaces available with simplified user features you won’t find anywhere else. You choose your home screen, you program your product colors, and you choose what shows up on your Favorites screen. Customize the interface to meet your business needs the way you operate. Check out the interactive demo below.


EVO200 EVO400 Icon Based.psd

Icon-Based Design

Designed to be understood easily and operated intuitively. It’s simple to operate for new users and can reduce the amount of training required to operate.

EVO200 EVO400 One Touch.psd

One Touch Buttons

You can customize these home screen buttons to automate and carry out anything from complex, multi-function processes to simple daily delivery report generation - all with the touch of a single button.

EVO200 EVO400 Quick Jump.psd

Quick Jump Menu

Navigate quickly from application to application with ease. This time-saving menu makes the interface’s structure extremely shallow, simple to navigate, and reduces the amount of steps it takes to accomplish tasks.