E-25 Ethanol Hose Assembly


E-25 Ethanol Hose Assembly

E-25 Ethanol Hose is designed for dispensing applications with ethanol blends up to 25%. These hoses feature an abuse-resistant, solid wire braid construction that prevents kinking and assures a long service life and minimal maintenance.

  • Available in 3/4” with NPT fixed end fittings in a variety of curb and whip hose lengths.
  • Resistant to ozone cracking and wear.
  • Tube: Nitrile synthetic rubber
  • Cover: Synthetic rubber (wrapped finish)
  • Reinforcement: Wire braid
  • Temperature: -40ºF to 140ºF (-40ºC to 60ºC)
  • For use with ethanol blends up to E-25


  • UL listed to UL330 / UL330A.
  • Hose assemblies are UL listed under file number MH14114, model designation "FLEXSTEEL FUTURA E25"

Ordering Guide

Complete part numbers have a specific order and are created using the following guidelines:

FL25E2 A B

  • FL25E2 = ¾” E-25 Ethanol Hose
  • A = Hose Length Feet
    • Use three-digit format
  • B = Hose Length Inches
    • Use two-digit format

Example: FL25E200009 = ¾" E-25 Ethanol Hose, 0 feet, 9 inches in length (whip hose)

Example: FL25E200906 = ¾" E-25 Ethanol Hose, 9 feet, 6 inches in length (curb hose)

E-25 Ethanol Hose

Model Number Description
FL25E200008 8" (whip) E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E200009 9" (whip) E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E200100 1' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E200300 3' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E200500 5' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E200600 6' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E200800 8' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E200806 8½' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E200900 9' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E201000 10' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E201200 12' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"
FL25E201800 18' E-25 ethanol hose, ¾"