490 Duel Poppet


490 Duel Poppet

This nozzle fulfills your requirements when dashpot construction is not required. The same rugged construction and long wear features of the 410 dashpot nozzle have also been built into this model.

  • Body: aluminum.
  • Stem: stainless steel.
  • Packing: PTFE-impregnated graphite.
  • Discs: fluorocarbon.

Note: Tubes not included and must be ordered separately.

WARNING: This is a non-automatic nozzle with a manually operated latch which will not shut-off automatically. Use should be limited to applications sanctioned by OSHA, State Fire Marshal Codes, and other appropriate regulating bodies and/or safety codes.


Model Number Description
49030105 490 Duel Poppet nozzle
49030106 490 Duel Poppet nozzle
49030201 490 Duel Poppet nozzle