Density Float Kits

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Density Float Kits

Density float kits deliver fuel inventory monitoring, water level detection, and fuel quality monitoring all in one kit. 

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Ensure fuel quality and prevent cross-dropping with density measurement float kits. Make sure you're getting what you paid for by monitoring the quality of your fuel drops. You also get the ability to detect cross-drops, enabling you to react quickly before the fuel system or customer's vehicles can be damaged.

  • Designed for applications involving 4" riser pipes.
  • Each float set contains a product, density and water float.
  • Floats are constructed of nitrile rubber and PVDF. 
  • The water float will be red for gasoline and blue for diesel. The product float will be half red/half white for gasoline and half blue/half white for diesel.
  • Density and product floats are calibrated and must be maintained as a set.
  • Measurement accuracy: ±3.0 kg/m3
  • Measurement resolution: ±0.1 kg/m3
  • Minimum detectable product level with water float: 10.70”
  • Minimum detectable product level without water float: 6.70”

Theory of Operation

Density measurement is based on the distance between the calibrated product and density floats. As the density of the fuel changes, the gap between the floats will increase or decrease in proportion to the change. The tank gauge receives this information from the probe and uses it to calculate and display the current density of the fuel.

Model Number Description
TSP-IDF4D3 Standard diesel/fuel oil density float kit
TSP-IGF4D3 Standard gasoline density float kit
  • Order one density measurement float kit for each magnetostrictive probe. Probes used with density float kits must have serial numbers greater than 6000000.