System Sentinel AnyWare™

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System Sentinel AnyWare™

System Sentinel Anyware™ (SSA) is a software application package running on a customer-owned, dedicated server. SSA can poll and warehouse data from Franklin Fueling Systems (FFS) and other 3rd party ATGs for authorized individuals to access that data from any secure internet connection.



  • Broad communication capabilities via modem, local or wide area networks, satellites, DSL, cable or other high-speed internet-based methods.
  • Gathers specified data in a user-defined polling schedule or in real-time.
  • Inventory can be monitored as needed to precisely schedule deliveries.
  • Deliveries are forecast from current inventory usage rates.
  • Provides centralized control of all compliance information such as tank and line leak testing data and leak detection sensor status.
  • Access to information can be controlled for multiple users.
  • A wide variety of reports can be custom-scheduled, displayed and printed or emailed at specific times.
  • Communicates with all major tank gauge brands.
  • Supports an unlimited number of sites.
  • Offers immediate notification of alarms for corrective action.
  • Multiple language options including: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Hindi and Portuguese.

Export Feature

System Sentinel AnyWare™ accumulates valuable fuel management data from all of your sites into one location. The new export feature allows you to extract this data in several different formats so it can be used by other applications. The data files can be automatically sent to an email address, FTP site, or saved to a local drive. From there they can be easily incorporated into other business tools like accounting or fuel dispatch applications.


  • Microsoft® Windows® server operating system (*)
    • Windows® Server 2012 (*)
    • Or Windows Server 2016 (*)
    • Or Windows Server 2019 (*)
    • Second processor will boost performance significantly.
  • Minimum processor 64 bit 1.4 GHz, recommended 2 GHz
  • 1 GB memory required, 4 GB recommended
  • Hard drive space requirement 40 GB plus room for database

Third Party Application

  • LaTeX reports server
  • Microsoft® Internet Server (IIS) web server (*)
  • Microsoft® SQL server (*)


  • The powerful rules engine of the System Sentinel AnyWare™ software package allows you to manage by exception through automatic forwarding of alarm, leak test and inventory information to the appropriate people when immediate attention is required.
  • Capable of communicating to an unlimited number of sites using your WAN (wide area network) or a bank of multiple modems. System Sentinel AnyWare™ will quickly collect your site information and get it to you to help you run your business.

SSA Installation Details

The following link will take you to our “Self-Service” SSA Installation pages on our website.  The details of how to install, the SSA application, and necessary third party tool downloads are available from these pages.  To complete the installation and operate the SSA application please contact your FFS sales representative to provide the registration code to enable usage of the application.

System Sentinel AnyWare Site Licenses

  • SSA-SU25: 1-25 Sites License
  • SSA-SU50: 1-50 Sites License
  • SSA-SU100: 1-100 Sites License
  • SSA-SU10: Additional increments of 10 sites
  • FFSPROSSA2:Premium Onsite Support Service

When placing order, the following information must be supplied along with email address to issue a software license:

  • Company software will be licensed to Address of company
  • Phone number of company
  • Contact name at company
  • Licenses may not be returned after purchase

An additional fee will be charged for optional on-site installation and training. The charge is $625 per day plus travel expenses.

The purchase of an annual maintenance contract is required for continued technical support and to receive any software updates. The maintenance fee is 15% of the list price of the user's system at the time of renewal.

Annual Maintenance

An annual maintenance fee must be paid in order to receive tech support and software upgrades. The net price is determined by taking 15% of the current list price of the site license the customer currently holds.