Fleet Petroleum Solutions

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Fleet Petroleum Solutions

For commercial fleet fueling applications, Fleet Petroleum Solutions provide card reader terminals, AC power controls, electrical distribution, emergency stop and maintenance disconnects, pump controls, low voltage circuit disconnects, and surge suppression in one cost-effective, space-saving, and time-saving solution.

  • Provide Card Reader / EPT / FMU Terminals required for typical commercial fleet fueling applications.

  • Provides AC power controls required for a typical retail petroleum application.

  • Includes emergency stop and service disconnects for dispenser low voltage wiring.

  • Optional low voltage circuit disconnects.

  • Optional series connected surge suppression for protection of sensitive electronic circuits.

  • Individual pump and dispenser contactors allow connection of remote control or monitoring system.

  • Pump handle isolation using solid state technology with error detection.

  • Lock-offs on dispenser, pump, and card reader circuits to properly and safely isolate a single device for servicing.

  • Provides isolated ground terminations for proper network communications.

  • Marked terminals for easy connection of dispensers, pumps, card readers, fuel management systems and tank monitors.

  • Door-in-door enclosure to help protect against arc flash.

  • Factory assembled and pre-wired, eliminating mounting and wiring of separate components in the field.

AC Power Distribution Capabilities

  • Electrical distribution fuel panel.
  • Electrical distribution lighting panel.

AC Power Control Capabilities

  • E-stop & reset push buttons
  • Emergency stop controls.
  • Pump hook isolation.
  • Pump status lights.
  • Pump contactors.
  • Dispenser contactors.
  • AC surge suppression.
  • Lighting controls.
  • Card reader / EPT / FMU terminals.

Dispenser Capabilities

  • Low voltage disconnect.
  • Low voltage protection.

Enclosure Options

  • UL Type 1 indoor.
  • UL Type 3R outdoor.


  • UL Listed.
  • cUL Listed.
  • For compliance with NEC® 514.11 and NFPA® 30A Section 6.7 requirements for Emergency Disconnects at Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities (controlled by E-Stop system).
  • For compliance with NEC® 514.13 requirements for Maintenance Disconnects at Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities (switches to disconnect individual dispenser circuits for servicing).


Dispenser Capacity 1 - 4
Submersible Pump Capacity 1 - 4
Card Reader / EPT / FMU Terminal
1 to 4
Low Voltage Conductors Per
4 or 8
Main Connections 120/240 VAC, 1 Phase, 3 Wire
208Y/120 VAC, 3 Phase, 4 Wire

System Components

  1. Fleet Petroleum Solution
  2. E-Stop & Reset Operator
  3. Disconnect Lockout Switches
  4. Light Switches
  5. Dispenser
  6. Card Reader
  7. E-Stop
  8. Lighting
  9. Fuel Pumps
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