Tank Chamber

Deep Bury One-Piece

Tank Chamber

Deep Bury One-Piece

The UPP™ brand 36" deep bury one-piece tank chamber is made of linear low density polyethylene and features 16 flat side panels which allow for pipe entry from virtually any direction. The four lid toggles provide mechanical compression between the lid gasket and the riser without penetrating the lid or riser and eliminates potential leak paths. Two flat panels on the lid provide a surface for easy vacuum testing equipment connection.

Deep Bury One Piece Height.psd

Field Height Adjustable

The height of the chamber neck can be cut down in the field to meet the varying needs of different installation applications.

  • Minimizes the need to stock multiple chamber height options.
  • Accommodates unforeseen on-site grade level changes to ensure installation is kept on schedule.

Ensure 90° Pipework Entry

16 flat surfaces around the chamber base provide an ideal welding surface for pipework entry into the chamber at multiple angles.

  • These 16 flat surfaces facilitate an ideal installation surface to ensure 90° sump entry for pipework.
  • A proper 90° entry into the chamber is necessary to avoid creating stress on the pipe entry which can weaken the system over time.
Deep Bury One Piece Watertight.psd

Watertight Containment

The watertight design of the chamber lid is critical for installations in areas with high water tables or particularly rainy climates.

  • The lid toggle grove and square riser block do not penetrate the lid or riser eliminating these areas as potential leak points.
  • Each section cut down area of the chamber neck is marked providing a visual indication of where to cut the riser. This ensures a level cut around the riser to maintain a proper sealing surface for the lid gasket.
Deep Bury One Piece Vacuum Testing.psd

Electrofusion Entry Seal

Vacuum testing for leaks reinforces the integrity of the containment and ensures the installation has been completed properly.

  • Vacuum testing eliminates the need for labour and time intensive hydrostatic testing, not to mention the expensive liquid disposal.
  • Vacuum testing ensures that both the chamber and pipework have been successfully installed giving you peace-of-mind before adding backfill and concrete.
UPP UL Boot & Sump.psd

The Strength of EVOH

Achieve a true liquid and vapour tight seal between UPP™ chambers and UPP™ pipework with the electrofusion entry seal.

  • Patented electrofusion entry seal welds directly to the chamber and pipework effectively bonding the components into one piece.
  • This bond strengthens the joint and ensures a straight, no-stress entry of the pipe into the chamber for a long service life.
  • Material: Linear low density polyethylene
  • Weight: 53 Kg (116 Lbs)
  • Manufactured in Southeast Asia.
Item Number Long Description
TSM-4542 Tank sump, medium burial, 45" base, fits 42" manway
TSD-4542 Tank sump, deep burial, 45" base, fits 42" manway
TSS-4542 Tank sump, shallow burial, 45" base, fits 42" manway
26004209 TSM-4542 sump lid replacement
MA-22 Manway Adapter, 22"
MA-24 Manway Adapter, 24"
IP-400-B Inspection port, FEP style with well cap
  • Replacement gaskets sold with cover only


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