Under Dispenser Containment Sumps

Nexus Series™

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Under Dispenser Containment Sumps

Nexus Series™

UPP™ brand Nexus Series™ under dispenser containment sumps (UDCs) combine a completely optimised containment space with the latest in double wall piping technology to deliver a truly state-of-the-art containment space. By incorporating an advanced UDC with UPP™ double wall termination fittings and Gemini™ secondary containment pipe fittings, you get superior watertight containment with faster and safer installations.

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Redefining Under Dispenser Containment

Franklin Fueling Systems has totally re-imagined under dispenser containment with the UPP™ brand Nexus Series™ line of under dispenser containment. We’ve completely optimised the containment space making installation faster, easier, more secure and removed potential leak paths for superior watertight containment.

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Eliminate Potential Leak Points

The Nexus Series employs the use of Gemini™ Secondary Contained Fittings under the containment to reduce the amount of penetrations. Instead of penetrating both sides of the containment, only a single seal is needed per line.

  • Drastically reduces the amount of containment penetrations and potential leak paths on a site.
  • Electrofusion welded entry seals ensure liquid and vapor tight seals between pipework and containment.
  • Gemini™ secondary contained fittings are both EN and UL approved and proven in the field.
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A Fully Optimized Use of Space

Space in under dispenser containment is at a premium. The Nexus Series™ provides an ideal, fully optimised containment space with enough room to work freely, yet also minimises the overall size of the containment.

  • A single stablizer bar spans the length of the sump with preset U-Bolt holes for fast and accurate shear valve installation.
  • The optimised containment space brings all connections within arm’s reach of a service contractor.
  • The integrated angled side wall provides an ideal surface for electrical connection penetrations.
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Secondary Contained Protection to Grade

The Nexus Series™ was specifically designed to incorporate UPP™ brand double wall termination fittings which provide secondary contained pipe protection all the way to grade level.

  • Eliminates potential leak paths and minimises installation time with a single-piece termination fitting.
  • The single-piece construction of double wall termination fittings allow for minimal welds, cleaning and scraping operations during installation.
  • Easy access to the integrated test port makes integrity testing of the secondary contained system simple.



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Integrated Monitoring Features

Two integrated monitoring sensor reservoirs molded into the under dispenser containment make placement of liquid sensors simple and consistent.

  • The dual recessed sensor reservoirs allow any liquid to pool quickly and provide prompt indication.
  • Reservoirs are appropriately sized to fit either a smaller liquid detecting sensor or a larger discriminating sensor.
  • Integrated channels run the length of the containment bottom, guiding any liquid directly towards the sensor.
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A Versatile Frame for Any Application

The adjustable frame height feature provides installation versatility and ensures a uniform installation. This eliminates the use of scrap metal or wood to hold the under dispenser containment in place.

  • The powder coated finish provides long-lasting corrosion protection with five height adjustment points.
  • Integrated pipe spacers eliminate the need for in-field pipe spacing materials such as foam or wood while also stabilising pipe and fittings during welding.
  • Integrated tabs allow for support and easy anchor into concrete.
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Additional Highlights

  • Designed for use with Tokheim™ four-product dispensers.
  • Fully optimised containment space provides enough room to work freely, while also minimising overall sump size.
  • Fewer sump penetrations eliminates potential leak paths.
  • Allows for double wall protection all the way to grade level with double wall termination fitting integration.
  • Two integrated sensor reservoirs are molded into the shallow pan for optimised placement and liquid detection.
  • Height adjustable frame with integrated pipe spacers make installation easy and consistent.
  • Easy to install single-piece stabilizer bar kit.
  • Shallow pan material: HDPE
  • Frame material: Powder coated steel
  • Stabilizer bar material: Galvanized steel
  • Designed for specific use with UPP™ brand double wall termination fittings and Gemini™ secondary containment pipe fittings (tees and 90° elbows).
  • Field height adjustable between 514mm and 629 mm (20.24" and 24.75").


Shown in various stages of installation for reference purposes.

  1. Shallow pan (Nexus Series™)
  2. Frame (Nexus Series™)
  3. Stabiliser bar (Nexus Series™)
  4. Double wall termination fittings
  5. Gemini™ tee (or 90° elbow)
  6. Stage II vapour recovery line
  7. Vapour shear valve
  8. Product shear valve
  9. Ball valve
  10. Liquid sensor


Model Number Description

U-bolt kit

DP-Q510-48-F Nexus Series™ frame for use with Tokheim™ four-product dispenser
DP-Q510-48-S Nexus Series™ shallow pan for use with Tokheim™ four-product dispenser
DP-Q510-48-SBK Nexus Series™ stabilizer bar kit for use with Tokheim™ four-product dispenser
  • Order (1) one U-Bolt kit per shear valve.