Flexible Double

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Flexible Double

The APT flexible double entry boot allows two pipes or conduits to go through a single sump entry boot opening. The APT boot comes in two different styles, the flexible double boot for non-ducted applications and the ducted double boot when using APT DCT-400 corrugated piping. Double entry boots accommodate ¾" and 1" pipe sizes or a combination of the two.

  • Designed to be used with APT product piping, the entry boots are also ideal for use with rigid piping and electrical conduits.
  • Flexible double entry boots are ideal for generator, fuel oil return and feed line applications.
  • Boot can be serviced from inside the sump so there is no need to break concrete.
  • Made from oil- and gasoline-resistant nitrile rubber.
  • Allows two pipes to go through one boot for easier installation.
  • Combination of two different pipe diameters through one boot can be easily converted by simply removing the insert in the pipe opening.

Flexible Double Entry Boots

Model Number Description
FDB-100-SC Flexible double boot for XP-100-SC

Ducted Double Entry Boots

Model Number Description
DDB-100-D Ducted double boot for XP-100-D or 1" electrical conduit
DDB-100-SC Ducted double boot for XP-100-SC