NEW: NanoVapor Vapor Suppression System

Dec 01, 2020 | Products

Franklin Fueling Systems is pleased to announce the launch of the new NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System.


The NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System rapidly suppresses harmful and potentially explosive storage tank Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), leaving breathable air for safe tank cleaning, inspection, maintenance, or removal. 


The NanoVapor™ system rapidly degasses the tank in a safer and greener manner compared to conventional methods. It requires none of the residual cleanup or removal associated with water-filling or nitrogen methods.

  • Reduce Onsite ExposureThe system suppresses harmful VOCs but leaves behind breathable atmosphere, reducing risk of asphyxiation and explosion. Faster suppression times reduce overall on-site exposure and promote worker safety.

  • Safe SuppressantThe TankSafe™ Suppressant is non-toxic, non-reactive, and safe to store. The TankSafe™ Delivery Unit is portable, compact, and operates using compressed air  with no electrical or moving parts.

  • Fast ActingThe NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System dramatically reduces the time needed to degas a tank – as fast as 45 minutes for a 20,000 liter tank to less than 10% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), allowing work to begin on or inside the tank.

  • Simple to OperateTankSafe™ is simply loaded into the Delivery Unit, which is attached by an appropriate adapter to the enclosed space, and blown into the space utilizing compressed air. A separate vent in the enclosed space is opened to allow the unwanted air to escape.

  • No WasteTankSafe™ is derived from renewable materials, and is biodegradable. It leaves no residue or waste product behind, eliminating the costly cleanup and disposal of hazardous materials.

  • Cost SavingsThe significant time saved compared to conventional nitrogen gas or water-filling methods improves overall efficiency and reduces site downtime to keep business flowing, while also eliminating the costs of hazardous material disposal.


The non-toxic TankSafe™ Vapor Suppressant Solution is activated within the TankSafe™ Delivery Unit powered by compressed air. TankSafe™ forms an effective VOC barrier at a molecular level, stopping further VOC formation, lowering the LEL to safe levels and allowing maintenance personnel to avoid asphyxiation and explosion hazards inside tank and containment spaces.

  • System AccessoriesThe NanoVapor™ Vapor Suppression System includes all necessary components to effectively degass a tank. These include flexible ducting, drop tubes, vent sections, adapters, diffusers, and filters. Download the datasheet for a full listing of all system accessories.

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