New: Remote Control Solution with OVERSITE™

Mar 06, 2024

Madison, WI USA – March 6, 2024: Franklin Electric launched the The Power Integrity™ Remote Control Solution (RCS). The RCS combines the required fueling control panel including dispenser/pump disconnects, dispenser hook isolation, low voltage dispenser data disconnects, and E-stops into a single panel.

Integrated OVERSITE™ technology provides advanced device power status monitoring, remote E-Stop engagement, and remote power resetting capabilities for fuel system and C-Store critical assets. OVERSITE™ is an advanced device networking technology powered by the EVO Series™ which enables remote monitoring and control of critical assets. This innovative technology offers a solution for overseeing site devices, streamlining operations, and enabling timely responses to potential issues and outages.

With OVERSITE™, the RCS serves as a central hub that controls and monitors essential site asset power connections and interfaces them with the EVO™ Series console, enabling remote triggers and device reset capabilities including.

  • E-Stop initiation and monitoring
  • Asset power cycling and power cycling sequencing
  • Power status monitoring
  • User-defined email and SMS event notficiations
  • Event/outage tracking and custom report generation
  • Automated event response triggers

With early notification of power outages, equipment failures, and E-Stop engagements, the RCS allows operators to react quickly and mitigate the impacts to business. C-store operators can leverage the RCS to improve downed asset troubleshooting, minimize on-site personnel involvement, and reduce service team deployment decreasing overall maintenance spending and operational costs - minimizing truck rolls and reducing asset downtime.

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