NEW: SSA-2 Remote Fuel Monitoring Software

Jan 29, 2021 | Products

The new System Sentinel Anyware™-2 (SSA-2) Remote Fuel Monitoring Software fully connects owners, operators, and compliance personnel to diverse networks of Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs).

This new enterprise-level software package from Franklin Fueling Systems provides remote access to consolidated network alarms, inventory levels, compliance data, reporting, ATG configuration, and more. With the ability to host on Franklin Fueling Systems’ secure cloud database or with on-premise servers, SSA-2 can be customized to fit the needs of every size network.


Enterprise-Level Network View
Get instant remote access to consolidated network alarm, inventory, compliance data, and reporting with the ability to export in a variety of formats for on-demand use.

Cloud or On-Premise Hosting
SSA-2 can be hosted on Franklin Fueling Systems’ secure cloud database, or customers with IT capability and bandwidth can choose to host SSA-2 with their own on-premise servers.

Configuration Management
Remotely program ATGs and monitor for configuration changes — saving time, travel, and expense. Provides added security by automatically flagging ATG settings in the network that have been changed against the baseline template.

Customizable User Access & Security
Restricted access and view-only roles provide basic visibility, while full-access roles grant system-wide visibility. Security logs provide a record of all user logins.

Remote Connectivity
Make informed decisions on fuel management, deliveries, and compliance data from one centralized location.

ATG Compatibility
SSA-2 is compatible with a wide variety of the industry’s most common ATGs, providing consolidated fuel management for a diverse network of ATGs.

SSA-2 is compatible with all major ATG brands including: Franklin Fueling Systems, Veeder-Root®, Red Jacket®, OPW®, FAFNIR®, Hectronic®, Caldwell and OMNTEC. Contact your sales representative for a full list of compatible ATGs.

Role-Based Visibility & Security
Multiple levels of user roles allow admins to configure administrative functionality and grant role-based access to the secure database.

Consolidated Data & Reporting
The advanced reporting engine enables users to automate report generation on all tanks, lines, inventory, reconciliation, deliveries, sensors and more.

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