NEW: UPP® Tank Risers

Jun 20, 2023

Madison, WI USA – June 21, 2023 – Franklin Electric launched UPP® Tank Risers to provide a corrosion-resistant solution for mounting spill containers, probe and tank sensor access manways, and venting equipment to the tank top. UPP® Tank Risers are constructed of non-corrosive, high-grade HDPE and stainless-steel materials designed to protect tank equipment from the damaging effects of corrosion.

The non-corrosive, HDPE design keeps the inside diameter free of corrosion, preventing overfill prevention valves, probes, and floats from being damaged when pulled from the tank for regular. By eliminating the possibility of corrosion, UPP® Tank Risers streamline the process of pull drop tubes and help reduce maintenance costs. With smooth and corrosion-free surfaces, equipment can be effortlessly pulled from tanks, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of costly equipment damage.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of tank top equipment applications, UPP® Risers allow for a simplified installation process, and seamless integration into tank top equipment. Unlike fiberglass riser installation, UPP® Risers eliminate messy fiberglass grinding, cutting, adhesive mixing, and extended cure times from the installation process. UPP® Riser installation is also unaffected by external weather factors such as temperature, humidity, or precipitation, allowing for installation even in challenging environments.

“When you’re in the field, installations don’t always go according to plan. Unlike steel risers, UPP® Tank Risers offer the versatility to be adjusted without the need for steel cutting saws or threading tools.” said Franklin Electric Director of Global Product Management, Allan Busch. Not only do UPP® Tank Risers offer easier installation, but they can also be adjusted in the field with individual risers, couplers, and threaded termination fitting being cut-to-fit. These components are than bonded into a single, leak-proof system, through electrofusion welding.

The UPP® Tank Riser’s advanced design ensures the tank risers remain impervious to corrosive elements while safeguarding equipment from costly damage throughout the life of the site.

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