May 29, 2024
EVO LLD_Launch_Email.png

Madison, WI USA – May 29, 2024: Franklin Electric launches the EVO™ LLD, a stand-alone precision electronic line leak detection solution designed to provide early detection of leaks in fuel lines. The system features automatic submersible pump shutdown in the event of a leak, minimizing the risks of costly spills and environmental cleanup.

This pressure-based system utilizes line characteristics learned through AUTO-LEARN® to monitor for changes in pressure and determine if a line is tight or if there is a leak present.


For New or Retrofit: Operates as a stand-alone kit solution, inclusive of all features and hardware, for ordering and installation simplicity.

Automated Compliance: Facilitates automated 3 gph (11 lph), 0.2 gph (0.8 lph), and 0.1 gph (0.4 lph) line leak detection compliance testing.

Dynamic Leak Detection: The Statistical Line Leak Detection (SLLD) feature provides a supplementary leak detection method to standard line leak detection testing by continuously gathering line pressure data and employing a statistical analysis algorithm to identify leaks.

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