Car Wash Monitoring


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Car Wash Monitoring


The EVO™ EDGE Car Wash Monitoring System delivers real-time car wash chemical inventory management. The system is compatible with all common car wash chemicals including soaps, waxes, pre-soaks, and degreasers. The non-intrusive installation allows for easy retrofitting on any type of car wash chemical container with zero obstruction during a refill.


Taking store personnel away from c-store operations to conduct manual car wash chemical inventory is a major pain point for most operators. With the ability to remotely monitor the levels of these chemicals that supply their car wash business, operators not only keep their store personnel behind the counter, they can more accurately forecast their ordering cycles and prevent run outs.


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The non-intrusive installation process involves a simple, side- or top-mounted input on each chemical container (up to 12). The one-time install can be left in place for the life of the container with no interaction required during a refill. The central data collecting manifold can be installed without any specialized tools or need for electrical contractors.

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Inventory level information can be accessed remotely via any web browser or fed directly into an operator’s existing business management software. Data can be presented in a grid of color-coded inventory container levels with icon-driven status indicators or viewed in a detailed table, with the ability to download or email in the form of PDF reports. User-customized alarms and email notifications keep operators up-to-date with inventory levels.

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EVO™ EDGE automatically learns usage rates for each chemical and provides the predicted days of remaining inventory to help streamline re-ordering. Highly accurate delivery level readings during each refill event provide operators with an easy way to cross-check their delivery bills to ensure they get what they pay for.

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EVO™ EDGE is capable of monitoring all common car wash chemical liquids, regardless of the chemical container type or supplier, freeing operators to work with any chemical provider of their choosing.

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Via the FFS PRO® Connect Web Browser Interface, operators get remote access to inventory information including volume, delivery information, usage rates, and forecasting with automated alerts that provide the estimated days of remaining inventory.

Real-Time Data

Conduct data-driven decision making regarding inventory and delivery timing with real-time access to:

  • Volume / Levels
  • Percent Full
  • Usage Rate
  • Delivery Volumes
  • Forecast days to run out

Customized Notifications

User-customized alarms via email or SMS notification keep operators up-to-date with inventory events. Alert options include:

  • High/Low Chemical Volume
  • Delivery Detection
  • Low Usage Rate
  • Unexpected Increase
  • Low Forecast Days of Remaining Inventory
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Managing chemical inventory can be a challenging and costly process for car wash businesses. An expensive alternative to manual inventory is to hire your chemical distributor to provide inventory management services. While this may seem like a convenient option, it does come with drawbacks. How can EVO™ EDGE help?

Cost Efficiency

EVO™ EDGE offers a cost-efficient alternative to third-party inventory management services. By eliminating the need for service fees and markups on chemical prices, car wash operators can significantly reduce their operational expenses.


EVO™ EDGE empowers operators by providing the freedom to choose and switch chemical brands, without being locked into the distributor's offerings. Operators have the flexibility to choose their own chemicals.

Operational Autonomy

Limited control leaves operators dependent on distributors for timely deliveries and accurate charges. EVO™ EDGE enables operators to understand inventory levels and ensure accurate charges independent of the distributor.

Maximum Containers Monitored 12
Connectivity Ethernet, USB Type A, USB Type B
Alarm Notification Options Email, SMS
LED Normal (green), warning (yellow), alarm (red)
Applicable Liquids Soaps, waxes, pre-soaks, degreasers
Level Units Inches, centimeters, millimeters
Volume Units Gallons, liters (mass with density option)
Power Requirements 110 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 Amps
Operating Humidity 20-90%
Dimensions H: 7.3" (100 mm), W: 11.6" (295 mm), D: 4.0" (100 mm)
Alert Options High/Low Chemical Volume, Low Usage Rate, Unexpected Increase,
Low Forcast Days of Remaining Inventory
Report Options Alarm, Event, Inventory, Delivery, Usage Rates
Communication Security SSL/TLS, MQTT, optional multifactor authentication


  • UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx



1. EVO™ EDGE manifold

2. Air pressure regulator

3. Air tubing

4. Container tubing

5. Air hose fitting

6. Barbed anchor fitting

7. Standard plug


Each car wash chemical container is fitted with a small air hose connection. The system utilizes a unique method to capture inventory levels by measuring the pressure it takes to force an air bubble through the chemical. This method allows the system to operate without probes or floats, leaving no moving parts to replace or maintain.





Model Number Description
EVO-CWM EVO™ EDGE Car Wash Monitoring System, includes all hardware for up to 12 containers
EVO-CWM-REG EVO™ EDGE Air Regulator Assembly