NEW: CableTight™ Electrical Conduit

Jul 25, 2023

Madison, WI USA – July 26, 2023 – Franklin Electric launched the CableTight™ System as a watertight electrical conduit solution which has the strength to withstand harsh underground environments, yet the flexibility to allow installers to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time. The system employs continuous runs of HDPE conduit with press-fit connectors to facilitate fast, accurate, and watertight conduit installation. The CableTight™ system is UL listed and meets NEC 2020 Code Requirements, NFPA 70-2020 (Sec. No. 514.8 Underground Wiring).

CableTight™ is a flexible and durable solution that comes in ¾" and 1" flexible conduit that is constructed of HDPE and is available in 1,000 ft or 1,500 ft pre-loaded reels that easily are rolled out into long continuous runs, free of joints. The flexible conduit won’t crack or kink when bent during cold-weather installation nor will it shatter if accidentally struck by a tool or stepped on at a busy job site.

"The metal grippers expand to allow the conduit to enter, and after a quick tug, they bite into the conduit, creating a secure and watertight connection. This eliminates the need for tools, making it significantly faster and more reliable compared to using PVC. Unlike PVC, which may have potential leak points every 10 ft run, this metal gripper system ensures a continuous and leak-free installation." Said Franklin Electric, Global Product Manager, Byron Hahn.

Press-Fit Connectors eliminate buried PVC joins that have traditionally been made per every 10 ft PVC stick using threads, epoxy, or glue that can be susceptible to leaking. A joint between Press-Fit connectors can be made by hand, requiring no specialized tools, to either extend flexible conduit runs or make watertight threaded connections to rigid metal conduit.

“Ultimately CableTight™ is a secure and watertight system that allows your site to last long term like you need it to,” said Byron. With continuous HDPE conduit runs of up to 1,500 ft, CableTight™ eliminates the time, labor costs, and potential leak points of having to make a glued connection every 10 ft with PVC conduit sticks.

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