NEW: Fiberglass Tank Sump Collars

Jul 23, 2020 | Products

New fiberglass tank sump collars are available for tank diameters of 8’, 9’, 10’ or 11’ and are compatible with 42" or 48" fiberglass collar mount tank sumps. These fiberglass tank sump collars allow for watertight installation of tank sumps to the top of the tank.

Tank Sump Collars Hero.psd


  • Available for installation at the fiberglass tank manufacturer or field retrofit applications.
  • Available for 8’, 9, 10’ and 11’ diameter tanks and fiberglass tank sump diameter sizes 42” or 48”.
  • Patent-pending parabolic design curves inward on top edge of the collar to facilitate adjustment of the tank sump to align with grade level.
  • Designed to work with Franklin Fueling Systems fiberglass collar mount tank sumps in 42” and 48” diameters.
  • Natural resin color ensures installers can easily see that the fiberglass matting is fully saturated with resin and all air pockets and bubbles are visible  and can be removed.
  • Field retrofit installation kit available.
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