NEW:Compact Splice Connectors

Jun 30, 2020 | Products

These new 26 -19 AWG compact splice connectors are now available for applications requiring a tighter splicing bundle.


Whether to help accommodate installation into tight junction boxes or to accommodate installer preference for a more compact connector, we are now offering this additional connector which can be added to probe and sensor orders to provide added installation flexibility.

Please note all probes and sensors will continue to ship with the existing (blue) 22-14 AWG splice connectors. Using the new compact connectors will have no adverse impact on your warranty.


  • No stripping or twisting of wires is required. Simply insert the wires and press down on the splice connector to create a secure electrical connection.
  • Three ports accept two or three conductors for splicing.
  • Includes a factory-installed sealant to protect against corrosion and seal out moisture. 
  • All Franklin Fueling Systems probes and sensors come standard with blue 22-14 AWG splice connectors. 
  • Compact red 26 -19 AWG splice connectors can be separately ordered for applications requiring a tighter splicing bundle.
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