Jun 07, 2023

Madison, WI USA – June 7, 2023 – Franklin Electric launched the EVO™ EDGE Car Wash Monitoring System which delivers real-time car wash chemical inventory management. The system is compatible with all common car wash chemicals including soaps, waxes, pre-soaks, and degreasers. The non-intrusive installation allows for easy retrofitting on any type of car wash chemical container with zero obstruction during a refill.

Taking store personnel away from c-store operations to conduct manual car wash chemical inventory is a major pain point for most operators. With the ability to remotely monitor the levels of these chemicals that supply their car wash business, operators not only keep their store personnel behind the counter, but they can also more accurately forecast their ordering cycles and prevent run outs.

“The employee doesn’t need to leave the convenience store anymore because the EVO™ EDGE is constantly monitoring and letting you know what’s happening with your car wash chemicals.” Said Bill Gockman, Senior Global Product Manager.

With the FFS PRO® Connect Web Browser Interface, operators get remote access to inventory information including volume, delivery information, usage rates, and forecasting with automated alerts that provide the estimated days of remaining inventory. Enabled with real-time data, operators can conduct data-driven decision-making regarding inventory and delivery timing.

“The EVO™ EDGE Car Wash Monitoring System can monitor the usage rate, so as it’s looking at usage over time, those data points allow it to then predict how many days left of chemicals you have based on your usage rates,” said Bill. Operators can customize alarms to stay informed, help accurately forecast ordering cycles, and prevent running out of inventory helping you keep your car wash running 24/7.

An expensive alternative to manual inventory is to hire a chemical distributor to provide inventory management services. While this may seem convenient it can increase costs and limit operators on which chemical brands they can use. With the EVO™ EDGE, operators can replace managed services and retain operational autonomy.

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