There's An Economical Way To Prevent Corrosion In Your Tank Sumps

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One of the leading causes for extended service visits reported by service technicians is the inability to access tank sump equipment due to accelerated corrosion. The longer the service call, the larger the bill.

Many marketers are now taking a proactive approach to reducing the effects of corrosion inside their tank sumps by deploying Corrosion Control™ Desiccant Packs inside their tank sumps. Desiccant Packs provide economical in-sump corrosion protection by absorbing humidity from the sump environment before it can turn into corrosion-causing moisture. Desiccant Packs are a versatile tool in helping to prevent corrosion in both diesel and high-ethanol content fuel systems.

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  1. The Desiccant Pack is installed within a tank sump by hanging it from any existing Unistrut® with the included cable ties or via the Desiccant Pack Sensor.

  2. The specially formulated desiccant blend is composed specifically for petroleum applications to ensure maximum absorption in the tank sump environment.

  3. The Desiccant Pack Sensor provides remote monitoring of the remaining life of the Desiccant Pack via an EVO™ Series Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), and delivers a notification when the Desiccant Pack is fully saturated.

  4. Once fully saturated, the Desiccant Pack and its easy-to-dispose packaging can be replaced by a fresh pack.


  • Protects submersible pumps, fittings, and other tank sump hardware from the formation of corrosion which can lead to equipment deterioration and serviceability issues.

  • Compact, economical design can be installed alone or in tandem to provide needed protection.

  • Tested for a typical service life of 4 to 6 months in a 75-100 cubic foot tank sump.

  • Each Desiccant Pack comes individually packaged in a foil barrier bag to ensure a long storage life on-site or in a service technician’s vehicle.

  • The Desiccant Pack Sensor provides remote monitoring of the remaining life of the Desiccant Pack for efficient maintenance.




Desiccant Packs can be included in the fully integrated Corrosion Control™ System or be installed on their own in most tank sumps. Check out the ordering info to place an order.






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