Do More with EVO™: Equipment Corrosion Prevention

Jun 01, 2023

Fuel equipment maintenance is a significant expense for C-stores. A single corrosion-related maintenance and repair can range anywhere from $1,200 for a simple dispenser filter change, all the way to $2,000 or more for the replacement of a critical device like a dispenser meter.

The rapid growth of accelerated corrosion in retail fuel operations can have significant impacts on C-store operators. Accelerated corrosion can affect underground storage tanks (USTs), fuel dispensers, nozzles, and other equipment. When USTs corrode, they can leak fuel, which poses a risk to the environment and can result in costly cleanup efforts. Corrosion can also lead to equipment failure, which can disrupt operations and cause fuel system downtime. Are these corrosion-related pain points affecting you:

Increased Costs

C-store operators are facing increased maintenance costs as a result of accelerated corrosion. They need to repair or replace corroded equipment, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Fuel Leaks

If fuel leaks occur, operators are responsible for cleanup costs and may face fines or other penalties if they are found to be in violation of environmental regulations.

Dedicated Maintenance

Larger operations are requiring dedicated maintenance staff or third-party contractors to manage equipment maintenance and repair, while smaller operations are relying on training existing staff to inspect, identify, and address corrosion-related issues.



Corrosion Prevention with EVO™

If you are affected by any of the points above, there’s good news. The Corrosion Control System™ powered by EVO™ not only automates corrosion detection, it can also prevent it from even showing up in your fuel system and mitigate those maintenance and equipment replacement costs.

The Corrosion Control System™ powered by EVO™ can help keep fuel systems running at peak performance with advanced corrosion detection and prevention. EVO™ can:


Reduce Maintenance Costs

Help avoid costly maintenance, equipment replacement, downtime, and system failure caused by excessive corrosion.


Automate Business Operations

Provide automated, proactive corrosion prevention by removing water from tanks.


Notify Operators

Detects and alerts operators to the presence of a corrosive atmosphere in tanks and sumps.


Do More with EVO™

The convenience and fuel retail industry is facing a perfect storm of challenges that threaten to disrupt the way they do business including:

  • Lack of available workers
  • Increased labor costs
  • Rampant Inflation of C-Store products
  • Higher maintenance & service costs
  • Increasing energy costs

Download the guide to see how leveraging must-have site technology, like an Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), to do more than just fuel inventory and compliance monitoring can help C-store operators:

  • Automate business operations
  • Optimize staffing levels
  • Reduce maintenance costs




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