Stay Up-To-Date, Or Keep My Site Online? What If You Didn’t Have To Choose?

Jun 02, 2022 | Automatic Tank Gauge, Software
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Choosing between staying up-to-date with the latest ATG firmware updates and keeping business flowing can be a delicate balancing act for marketers. Finding the right time to take fueling systems offline to perform Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) software upgrades can be a logistical headache for busy sites without the right ATG.

More and more marketers are finding that the right time to schedule ATG firmware upgrades, can be almost any time with EVO™ Series ATGs and their agile firmware update capabilities. The processor on board the latest EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000 ATGs enables technicians to reboot the ATG in just seconds after performing firmware updates, keeping stations open and operational without sacrificing uptime.

The same applies to configuration changes made to your fuel system. If you are making changes to the way your system operates, EVO™ Series ATGs give technicians the ability to pre-stage configuration updates via the FFS PRO® Connect Web Interface. They can then push those updates live to the ATG in a matter of seconds without having to shut down the entire site for an extended period of time.

These capabilities can really add up the downtime savings when you are looking to update or reconfigure an entire network of sites to include the latest ATG features or make network-wide configuration changes.


As its name suggests, EVO™ Series ATGs are constantly evolving with new, marketer-driven feature updates. With EVO Series, you’re never locked into the initial feature set you start with when you first put the ATG on the wall. Free firmware updates are routinely made available, each including new features developed specifically to meet the changing needs of marketers.

Frequent update types include:

  • New equipment compatibility
  • Additional reporting functionality
  • New Alarm capabilities
  • Graphical user interface enhancements and added functionality
  • Added support for new probes, sensors, controllers, and other devices



The current firmware revision for EVO™ Series ATGs can always be found on our Firmware Downloads page. Each download comes with a set of release notes detailing all new feature updates so you can stay in the loop on the latest functionality.

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If your existing Automatic Tank Gauge is ready to be replaced, the EVO™ Series represents the next step in the evolution of site management. Always improving with the changing needs of station owners and operators, the EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000 provide new capabilities to make fuel system and site management easier for every user. Do more with EVO™ Series.





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