Downtime & Maintenance



The yellow “Sorry Out of Service” bag on the nozzle is something no site owner or operator wants to see. Getting a service technician onsite, armed with the right information, tools, and replacement parts is key to getting the station back up and running as fast as possible. However, it’s often difficult for store managers to convey exactly what’s going on over the phone to their service company. This can lead to multiple trip charges and extended downtime.


  • Unable to troubleshoot a problem over the phone
  • Unable to convey fuel system details to a service company
  • Extended service times
  • Unknown pump errors and alarms


Being able to connect remotely and get detailed alarm information in the hands of a technician before they arrive on site can go a long way in getting a fuel system back up and running faster. Integrating the automatic tank gauge with pump controllers can provide a store manager and the service technician with additional information that standard pump controllers alone cannot.

FTS-Down Time-Highlight.png


By networking the pump controllers to an EVO™ Series ATG through the standard TPI feature, a technician can remotely connect to the site to review the logged event history and view the status of the pump controllers. The pump history provided by TPI ensures the proper equipment is on the technician’s service vehicle before leaving to perform maintenance.

Remote Pump Control

Connect to the ATG to review pump controller events, status, and alarms to remotely diagnose pump issues. The ATG can even automatically verify and clear clogged intakes to keep the site up and running.

Pump In Water Automation

When the ATG detects a high level of water in the tank it will automatically shut down the pump, preventing water from being pumped into the fuel system or a customer's vehicle.

Leveling & Priority Modes

When managing two storage tanks of the same product, ‘Leveling Mode’ keeps both tanks at the same percentage full without the use of a siphon bar between the two tanks.