Automatic Tank Gauges

EVO™ 550 & EVO™ 5000

Automatic Tank Gauges

EVO™ 550 & EVO™ 5000

EVO™ 550 & EVO™ 5000 Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) provide highly accurate inventory management and full-featured compliance monitoring for any size fuel system.

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We are driven by our pursuit to innovate, simplify, secure, and connect every station owner to their fuel management system. EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000 ATGs feature simple setup and operation, remote connectivity, and advanced security features to protect your fuel system while keeping you directly connected to vital site data whenever, and wherever.

Highly Capable

Make informed, data-driven inventory management decisions with features like, inventory monitoring, tank testing, containment compliance monitoring, and get expanded leak detection and containment monitoring capabilities.

Simple Interface

A full-color 7” LCD touchscreen serves up one of the most intuitive user interfaces available with simplified user features you won’t find anywhere else.

Secure Data

EVO™ Series ATGs keep your site in compliance and protected from security threats with customizable user roles, user activity tracking, and up to 3-years of data back-up to protect against power outages or other system interruptions.



Input Capacity

EVO™ 550 can support up to 36 sensors and 36 probes, while the EVO™ 5000 can support up to 72 sensors and 72 probes.


Turbine Pump Interface

Enhanced remote pump monitoring and control including pump-in-water automation, clogged intake escalation, tank leveling, and tank priority.


Remote Communication

The FFS PRO® Connect web interface allows users to securely connect directly to an EVO™ Series ATG from any web enabled device.


Inventory Reconciliation

Inventory Reconciliation is an automated leak detection function that analyzes tank volume, deliveries, and sales data to detect releases with a high level of accuracy.


Tank Autocalibration

Eliminate discrepancies in delivery reporting and daily reconciliations caused by inaccurate tank information programmed into the ATG with this function that automatically generates a highly accurate tank strapping chart.


Electronic Line Leak Detection

Electronic line leak detection (ELLD) learns the characteristics of each line, eliminating possible configuration errors and ensures unparalleled leak detection accuracy.


Secondary Containment Monitoring

Continuously monitor double-wall piping, tank, and sump interstitial spaces to detect any potential leaks in these double-wall containments.


DEF/AdBlue® Recirculation

Get automated control of your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) system while preventing frozen lines with energy and cost-saving recirculation functionality.

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EVO™ Series ATGs help keep sites in compliance while providing marketers with the highest level protection from the security threats facing our industry.

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Turbine Pump Interface is a powerful tool that creates a network between your Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) controllers and EVO™ Series ATGs. Through TPI, the tank gauge can be programmed to respond to faults in the submersible pumping system and react with intelligence that pump controllers alone cannot.


Pump In Water Automation

When the water level in a tank approaches the pump intake, the tank gauge will enter alarm mode and automatically shut down the pump, protecting the system and consumers from water being pumped from that tank.

Leveling & Priority Modes

When managing two storage tanks of the same product ‘Leveling Mode’ can keep both tanks at the same percentage full without the use of a syphon bar between the two tanks.

Remote Pump Interaction

By networking the intelligent controllers to the fuel management system via TPI, a technician can remotely connect to the site to review the logged event history and view the status.

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EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000 ATGs offer additional advanced features and capabilites to manage your entire system as efficiently as possible.


AutoLearn™ Technology

Patented AutoLearn™ electronic line leak detection capability including Statistical Line Leak Detection for high throughput sites.

Corrosion Control™ System

Proactively monitor for and remove corrosion-causing water from your fuel system with system automation and monitoring powered by EVO™ 550 or EVO™ 5000 ATGs.

Streamlined Setup

Hardware auto-detection and wiring confirmation, multipoint tank charting, network printer auto-detection, and the ability to download and upload entire programming profiles from one ATG to another.

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The EVO™ Series family of ATGs offers four different options with right-sized features to meet the requirements of your specific application, size, and compliance needs. Which ATG is right for your application?

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  1. Cover
  2. LCD touch screen
  3. LED indicators
  4. Printer
  5. Mounting tabs
  6. Cooling vents
  7. Module slots
  8. Communication ports
  9. Modem port
  10. Annunciator (audible alarm)
  11. Ethernet port
  12. USB ports (qty 2)
  13. Serial comm port 1
  14. Bus extenstion
  15. Serial comm port 2
  16. RS-485 comm port
  17. Controller module
  18. Power supply module
  19. AC input module
  20. 10 Amp relay module
  21. I/O module
  22. 4-20mA module EXP
  23. Relay module
  24. Blank
  25. Intrinsically safe barrier
  26. Probe module
  27. 4-20mA module
  28. 2 wire sensor module
  29. 3 wire sensor module


  • Maximum tanks monitored: 36 (EVO™ 550) / 36 (EVO™ 5000)
  • Maximum sensor input capacity: 48 (EVO™ 550) / 96 (EVO™ 5000)
  • Lines capacity: 24 (EVO™ 550) / 24 (EVO™ 5000)
  • Dry contact input channels: 2
  • AC input channels: 36 (EVO™ 550) / 36 (EVO™ 5000)
  • Relay output channels: 24 (EVO™ 550) / 24 (EVO™ 5000)
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, RS-485, standard USB (qty 2)
  • Display type: 7” (17.78 cm) color LCD touch screen
  • Printer type: Thermal (also network or USB)
  • Alarm: Internal audible alarm
  • LEDs: Alarm, warning, and power
  • Applicable liquids: Petroleum, chemicals, and waste
  • Level units: Inches, centimeters, and millimeters
  • Volume units: gallons or liters (mass with density option)
  • Power requirements: 110 to 240 VAC, 50/60 hz, 2.6 Amps
  • Operating temperature: 32° to 104 °F (0° to 40 °C)
  • Humidity: 0-90% non-condensing
  • EVO™ 550: H: 11.75”(300mm), W: 10¼”(260mm), D: 9”(229mm)
  • EVO™ 5000: H: 11.75”(300mm), W: 16½”(419mm), D: 9”(229mm)


  • High/low product, water, and temperature alarm set points
  • Inventory reconciliation / tank auto-calibration / flow rate monitoring
  • Density, mass, and phase separation measurement
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Back-up generator monitoring / fuel flow control
  • Advanced logic control for DEF/AdBlue® recirculation system
  • MODBUS™ support


  • UL, cUL, ATEX, IECEx
  • Third party certification of leak detection capabilities.

Ordering Guide

ATG model, software and hardware options can be listed separately or combined when ordering. Systems shipped from the factory will list the combined part number. Complete part numbers have a specific order and are created using the following guidelines:


  • TX = Base Model Options
    • T550E = EVO™ 550 base ATG
    • T5000E = EVO™ 5000 base ATG
  • DPMIE = Hardware Options (choose all that apply)*
    • D = Display
    • P = Printer
    • M = Internal modem
    • I = Dispenser interface module
    • E = LON module
  • TRFLGC = Software Options (choose all that apply)
    • T = SCALD 24-hour tank testing
    • R or F
      • R = Reconciliation/Autocalibration
      • F = Reconciliation/Autocalibration with Flow Rate Monitoring
    • L or G
      • L = Line leak detection
      • G = Generator Line Leak Detection
    • S = Secondary containment monitoring
    • C = Recirculation, scheduling, and timer conditions

*Only one EVO-DIM or EVO-LON module can be installed per ATG.

Example: T550EDPMI/TRL = EVO™ 550 base model with display, with printer, with internal modem, with dispenser interface module, with SCALD, with reconciliation/autocalibration, and line leak detection.

EVO™ 550 & EVO™ 5000 Base Models

Model Number Description
T5000E EVO™ 5000 base model automatic tank gauge
T550E EVO™ 550 base model automatic tank gauge

EVO™ 550 & EVO™ 5000 Hardware & Software Options

EVO™ 550 and EVO™ 5000 ATGs come standard with the ability to perform in-tank static leak detection. The following software and hardware options can be added to customize your ATG. The internal hardware options will be factory installed when ordered with the ATG.

Internal Hardware Options (550/5000)

Model Number Description
EVO-DIMIB (I) Internal dispenser interface module, dispenser interface cable must be ordered separately
EVO-LON (E) Lon™ co mmunication module, IFSF protocol capability
TS-MDMIB (M) Internal modem, includes fax and data software capability
  • Only one EVO-DIM or EVO-LON module can be installed per ATG.

Internal Software Options (550/5000)

Model Number Description
TS-CON (C) Enhanced logic conditions including value, counter, value compare, and latch
TS-ELLD (L) Electronic line leak detection
TS-ELLD-G (G) Electronic line leak detection for generator applications
TS-SCM (S) Secondary containment monitoring
TS-TRAC (R) Tank inventory reconciliation and autocalibration
TS-TT (T) Statistical Continuous Automatic Leak Detection, 24 hour continuous tank testing software
TS-FLOW Flow rate monitoring
TS-TRAC-F (F) Reconciliation/autocalibration and flow rate monitoring software
  • TS-ELLD-G for use only with generator applications, always follow regulatory requirements.

Expansion Consoles

Model Number Description
EVO-EXPC Secondary console to add eleven additional plug-in modules to the primary EVO™ 550, EVO™ 5000, EVO™ 600 or EVO™ 6000 ATG. Comes without a display or printer.
EVO-EXPC2 Secondary console to add six additional plug-in modules to the primary EVO™ 550, EVO™ 5000, EVO™ 600 or EVO™ 6000 ATG. Comes without a display or printer.