Horizontal Float Switch


Horizontal Float Switch

The HFS is a 2-wire, non-discriminating liquid sensor designed for liquid detection in dry fiberglass tank interstitial spaces.

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Horizontal Float Switch Sensor

  • Fiberglass interstitial monitoring using a 2-wire sensor.
  • For dry fiberglass tank interstitial monitoring.
  • Highly reliable magnetic-float/reed-switch technology.
  • Chemical-resistant materials.
  • Easily fits tight interstitial spaces.
  • Rounded design makes it easy to remove for cleaning and reinstall after an alarm condition has been triggered or for maintenance and testing.
  • Each HFS comes with a 25’ (7.6 m) oil-resistant cable.
    For fiberglass tanks, the sensor is pulled into the interstitial space using a “fish” string wire. Optional installation kits are available which include a riser cap and other parts required to complete the installation.

No matter what the monitoring application is, Franklin Fueling Systems offers a sensor solution tailored to the specific requirements of each application.

Let us help you choose the right sensor for your application.

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For dry tank interstitial monitoring.


  • UL listed.
Model Number Description
FMP-HFS2 Horizontal float switch sensor (EVO™ 550,EVO™ 5000, EVO™ 600, and EVO™ 6000)
TSP-KI2 Interstitial sensor riser cap kit for 2" riser pipes
TSP-KW4 Interstitial sensor riser cap kit for 4" riser pipes
  • Note: The FMP-HFS2 wires to the 2 wire sensor module or the 3 wire sensor module. It cannot be wired to the probe module.


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