Hydrostatic Interstitial


Hydrostatic Interstitial

The HIS detects leaks in double wall tanks where the interstitial space is filled with a liquid brine solution. The polyester, Nitrile, and epoxy construction is compatible with all types of brine.

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Hydrostatic Interstitial Sensor

  • Versatile sensor for virtually all fiberglass double wall
    tanks equipped for hydrostatic leak detection.
  • Microcomputer monitors liquid at varying levels within
    tanks and relays digitally encoded status information
    via the fail-safe sensor digital communication
    system to fuel management system or Tank Sentinel®
    ATGs, alerting of any alarm conditions.
  • For installation, lower the HIS to the bottom of the brine reservoir of double wall tank. The normal brine level should reside half way up the sensor. Sensors include the TSP-KV4 vented 4" riser cap.

No matter what the monitoring application is, Franklin Fueling Systems offers a sensor solution tailored to the specific requirements of each application.

Let us help you choose the right sensor for your application.

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  • For liquid-filled tank interstitial monitoring.


  • UL listed.
  • ATEX approved.
  • IECEx approved.
Model Number Description
FMP-HIS-U Hydrostatic interstitial sensor, 11" (EVO™ 200, EVO™ 400, EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000)
FMP-HIS-XL-U Hydrostatic interstitial sensor, 21" (EVO™ 200, EVO™ 400, EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000)
FMP-HIS Hydrostatic interstitial sensor, 11"* (EVO™ 550, EVO™ 5000, EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000)
FMP-HIS-XL Hydrostatic interstitial sensor, 21"* (EVO™ 550, EVO™ 5000, EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000)
TSP-KV4 Hydrostatic sensor vented riser pipe cap kit for 4" riser pipes
  • Note: The FMP-HIS-U/ FMP-HIS-XL-U communicates with EVO™ 600/6000 using
    the Universal Device Protocol Module (FMP-UDP9) or Probe Module (TS-PRB). The
    FMP-HIS/ FMP-HIS-XL communicates with the EVO™ 600/6000, EVO™ 550/5000
    using the 3-Wire Sensor Module (TS-3WSNS).

  • One TSP-KV4 is already included with each HIS or HIS-XL sensor.