Phase Separation Float Kits

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Phase Separation Float Kits

Phase separation float kits deliver fuel inventory monitoring, water level detection, and phase separation detection all in one kit.

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The water and phase separation detection float kit allows you to effectively manage product levels as well as alert you of water or phase separation levels in your tanks. A single float is used to detect the presence of both water or phase separated fuel to ensure the prevention of either from reaching customer’s vehicles.

  • Available in 2" and 4" float kit options.
  • Optional float kit for gasoline and ethanol blend users.
  • Product float determines fuel level.
  • Water float will rise with the presence of water or phase separated fuel.
  • Simple single-float solution for both water and phase separation.
  • Free software upgrade available for T5 Series fuel management systems and Colibri automatic tank gauges.
  • Allows you to easily shut down a submersible pump before water or phase separation reaches the customer’s vehicle.


  • Designed for applications using 2” or 4” risers.
  • Each float kit contains both product float and water & phase separation float.
  • Appropriate for use with gasoline and ethanol blends up to E15.
  • Compatible with all FE probes.
  • T5 Series and Colibri software version 1.8.0 required.
  • Options available for EVO™ 200/400, EVO™ 550/5000, and EVO™ 600/6000.
Model Number Description
TSP-IGF2P 2" phase separation float kit for gasoline and up to E15
TSP-IGF4P 4" phase separation float kit for gasoline and up to E15