Low Level Water Float For Diesel

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Low Level Water Float For Diesel

The Low Level Water Float for Diesel provides increased water level detection down to ¼", delivering early indication of the presence of water inside diesel tanks.

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Detect & React to Water Sooner

For years, water at the bottom of a tank had a negligible effect on a diesel fuel system. That changed in recent years when the fuel composition was altered, leading to widespread corrosion caused by water in tanks. Detect and react to water sooner with the Low Level Water Float for Diesel.

  • Detects water down to ¼", compared to existing water floats which can only detect water at ¾".

  • On a typical 8' x 8,000 gallon tank, the enhanced float can detect the presence of as little as 4 gallons of water, which is almost 70% less than current floats. 

  • Designed for applications involving 4" riser pipes.

  • Each float kit contains a Diesel Product Float and a Low Level Water Float.

  • Each float kit includes a compact probe foot for easy installation on new or existing probes.

  • Recommended for use with bottom mounted Digital Inventory and Leak Detection Probes (LL3 models).

  • Compatible with EVO™ 200/400, EVO™ 600/6000 Series Consoles.

Low Level Water Float For Diesel

Model Number Description
FMP-IDF4E 4" Low Level Water Float for Diesel Kit, includes product float, water float, compact probe foot