NEW: Guardian Series Fixed Speed Pump Controller

Jan 11, 2021 | Products
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The Guardian Series™ single-phase controller takes a major leap forward in fixed speed Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) control. Built upon the solid FE PETRO® brand smart controller platform, Guardian Series™ controllers feature an enhanced user interface, greater functionality, and higher performance compared to standard control boxes.

Effective immediately, the STP-SCI is no longer available. The new SPGC-220 Guardian Series™  single-phase controller is a direct replacement for the STP-SCI  – retaining the same fit, form, and function of the STP-SCI with additional new features. Replacement parts for the STP-SCI will  remain available until further notice.


LCD Display
A 3½” digit LCD display provides readable running and fault status for improved troubleshooting.

Updated surge protection and pump relay circuitry improves the controller’s ability to handle challenging incoming power.

Updated RS-485 communication provides seamless manifolded pump and Turbine Pump Interface operation.

User Interface
Separate Reset and Silence/Calibrate push buttons provide clear interaction with the controller.

Over voltage protection and enhanced underload detection better protects pumping system equipment.


Option Switches
Maintains the option switch settings.

  • SW1 and SW2 rotated from the top of the lower board to the right side of the upper board.
  • Upper board is now control / user interface,
    lower board is now power / relay board.

User Interface
All user inputs moved to front panel.

  • Individual Reset and Silence/Calibrate function buttons.
  • New 3 ½" digit LCD replaces red and green lights.
  • Same yellow communication light.
  • Readable output conditions listed on the front panel.

Field Connections
Maintains the same field connections.

  • Similar hook signal input location.
  • Line and motor connection positioned at the bottom of the enclosure.
  • RS-485 connection moved from left to right side of enclosure.
  • Wiring diagram and switch settings located inside of the front panel.

Maintains the basic enclosure.

  • Same size and wall space required.
  • Same mounting method.
  • Same electrical knockout positions.
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