NEW: Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sumps

Mar 04, 2020 | Products

Designed to provide maximum protection from water intrusion with a simplified installation process, the Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sump delivers easy access to tank top equipment for fast maintenance and servicing. A game-changing new lightweight lid design delivers the highest level of protection from water intrusion.

Watertight Tank Sump - Highlight.psd

The two-piece riser and base allow easy access to tank top equipment and pipework entry during installation. Once the installation is complete, the top riser is securely fastened to the base’s integrated channel using a watertight pour-in-place slurry, with no messy fiberglass joints required.


  • Single wall, collar mounted base with open bottom.
  • Available at a standard height of 60" and adjustable in the field down to 34" to accommodate shallow-buried tanks.
  • Lightweight, 21lbs, injection molded HDPE lid with integrated ribs for added strength.
  • The pour-in-place channel makes connecting the riser to the octagonal base quick and easy for installers with no messy, time-consuming fiberglass seam work to do.
  • Fits under any 36" manway while providing a 31" diameter clear opening for easy access to equipment.
  • Two-piece design eliminates confined spaces during installation by allowing the installer to assemble the pipework through the octagonal base without the sump riser in the way.
  • The vapor pressure vent’s thin membrane balances pressure without letting liquid in, making it easier to remove the cover during maintenance.
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