This Small Addition Can Have A Big Impact On Reducing Upgrade Expenses

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With all of the new fuel system monitoring, automation, and control technology marketers are adding into their underground systems, there comes additional expenses beyond just purchasing new hardware and equipment including:

  • Electrical costs to run new conduit
  • Concrete costs to patch the forecourt
  • Downtime costs from offline dispensers
  • Lost convenience store sales due to extended construction

There is a growing list of marketers who have been able to sidestep these construction expenses by leveraging their existing containment sump wiring with the Multiplexing Sensor Hub (MSH). This new technology, paired with EVO™ Series Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs), allows marketers to add additional technologies to their existing sites without having to break concrete to run new conduit and wires.

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  • The MSH utilizes a single, existing 4-wire probe or sensor cable to power and connect up to six total devices to an EVO™ 600 or EVO™ 6000 ATG.

  • For retrofit applications, the MSH can be used to add additional sensors, providing expanded liquid and leak monitoring capabilities to existing containment sumps without the need to break concrete to run additional cable.

  • The MSH is ideal for use in adding a Corrosion Control™ Water Separator, Corrosion Detection Sensors, and Desiccant Pack Sensors to an existing tank sump, providing all necessary input capabilities for this system.

  • For new installations, the MSH delivers labor and materials savings by reducing the amount of conduit and cable required for monitoring devices within a containment sump while also reducing the number of inputs required at the ATG level.



The MSH is compatible for use with new or existing EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000 ATGs. If you have an existing EVO™ 550 of EVO™ 5000, the EVO™ Series Upgrade Kit allows marketers to upgrade their existing ATGs for compatibility with this new technology.

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If your existing Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is ready to be replaced, the new EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000 ATGs represent the next step in the evolution of tank gauges. Evolving with the changing needs of marketers and operators, the EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000 provide new capabilities to leverage your ATG for more than just fuel management. Do more with your ATG.

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