Top 5 EVO™ Series User Interface Features

Nov 10, 2022

While the EVO™ Series is capable of automating and streamlining so many fuel system and business processes for marketers, interacting directly with the user interface remains a routine operation for store personnel, technicians, and maintenance teams. Let’s take a look at the top 5 user interface features that marketers say makes EVO™ Series the industry’s most intuitive.


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1. Icon-Based Design

With its full-color, 7” LCD touchscreen, the EVO™ Series user interface was designed to mimic something almost everyone has and uses every day. The icon-based design draws on smart phone architecture with its colorful app icons, simple status indicators (green = normal, yellow = warning, red = alarm), and multiple navigation options. Like smart phones, the EVO™ Series user interface is easy to navigate and intuitively operated by even new users, helping to reduce the learning curve and training required.

EVO GUI - OneTouch.psd

2. One Touch Buttons

The home screen on any EVO™ Series can be customized to include up to six One Touch Buttons. Easily programed during installation, these time-saving buttons help marketers to automate and carry out anything from complex, multi-function processes to simple daily delivery report generation – all with the touch of a single button. Marketers have leveraged these buttons to simplify routine tasks for on-site store personnel (getting them back to convenience store activities), simplify regular compliance testing requirements, and help automate fuel system corrective actions in the event of an alarm.

EVO GUI - Quick Jump.psd

3. Quick Jump Menu

Users can navigate quickly from app-to-app with ease using the Quick Jump Menu. This time-saving menu makes the interface’s structure extremely shallow, simple to navigate, and reduces the amount of steps it takes to accomplish tasks. Drilling deep into menus and having to back all the way out can really add up the on-site time for technicians during maintenance or compliance testing calls. With the Quick Jump Menu, users can navigate literally anywhere within the EVO™ user interface in two finger taps or less.

EVO GUI - Product Colors.psd

4. Custom Fuel Product Colors

It might seem like a simple convenience, but studies have shown that color coding is proven to improve learning performance and efficiency in executing tasks. The EVO™ interface gives marketers the ability to customize the colors of their fuel grade types so users can easily identify and navigate to each tank. Additionally, tank water levels can be gauged at a glance and manifolded tanks are easily identified.

EVO GUI - Apps Water Separator.psd

5. Get More Apps

Beyond inventory level and compliance monitoring, the EVO™ Series allows marketers to automate fuel system operations and streamline site operations beyond the fuel system with a host of apps including Corrosion Control™, Flow Rate Monitoring, Electronic Line Leak Detection, DEF/AdBlue® Recirculation, Turbine Pump Interface (TPI), and Conditions. The Conditions app enables an EVO™ Series to be configured to perform advanced customized control and monitoring functions, allowing marketers to create custom events and applications as well as control relays and submersible pumps.

Take a test drive of these features for yourself. 



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If your existing Automatic Tank Gauge is ready to be replaced, the EVO™ Series represents the next step in the evolution of site management. Always improving with the changing needs of station owners and operators, the EVO™ 600 and EVO™ 6000 provide new capabilities to make fuel system and site management easier for every user. Do more with EVO™ Series.





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