ENHANCEMENTS: CableTight™ Wire Management System

Nov 18, 2020 | Products , Update

With major marketer specification, the CableTight™ Wire Management System is becoming the new industry standard for fuel system electrical conduit due to its watertight features and ease of installation. Through the voice of the customer process we’ve made a number of enhancements to the system to make it even easier to install.

Please note the change in part numbers for CableTight™ flexible conduit reels as a result of these enhancements which can be found here.



CableTight Conduit Hero.psd

Flexible Conduit Compact Reels

CableTight™ Flexible Conduit now comes pre-loaded onto new compact reels making it faster and easier for contractors to pull long runs. The new reels now come standard at no additional charge.

CableTight Speed Scraper Hero.psd

Speed Scraper Tools

Substantially reduce conduit scraping times with the new Speed Scraper Tool. The scraper attaches to any standard power drill to deliver fast and precise scraping of ¾" and 1" flexible conduit.

CableTight Bridging Cable Hero.psd

Welder Bridging Cables

Cut total welding time in half. The new welder bridging cable allows contractors to weld two electrofusion fittings at a time.

CableTight Spigotted Rigid Conduit Hero.psd

Easier Wire Pulling

The inside bore of Spigotted Rigid Metal Conduit has been redesigned to remove any obstructions to pull-through, making it easier to pull wire.

CableTight University Hero.psd

Enhanced Installation Training

Online installation certification training at FFS PRO® University has been updated with a new troubleshooting guide and best practices. Go to university.ffspro.com to get certified.

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