Corrosion Control™ System

Advanced Protection

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Corrosion Control™ System

Advanced Protection

Available as a factory installed option on STPAG and IST biofuel compatible submersible turbine pumps (STPs), Corrosion Control™ Advanced Protection defends STPs from accelerated corrosion.

  • Powder-coated and E-coated finishes protect exterior cast surfaces from accelerated corrosion.
  • Stainless steel fasteners, riser, variable length column pipe and coupler protect against corrosion and provide long service life.
  • UL and cUL listed.
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Advanced Protection Ordering Guide

Advance Protection STPs shipped from the factory will list the combined part number. Complete part numbers have a specific order and are created using the following guidelines:


STP = Basic Model Designation (IST for variable speed models)

XXXXX = Factory Installed Options (Model designations may include one or more of the following characters in alphabetical order.)

  • AP = Corrosion Control Advanced Protection with coated exterior cast surfaces, stainless steel fasteners and piping, alcohol-gasoline compatible)
  • F =  Floating suction adapter (1½" NPT female adapter)
  • H = High pressure deadhead output (150 and 200 models only)
  • K = Intake filter screen (IFS, factory installed to PMA)
  • M = MagShell™ (flow enhancing, expanded PMA shell)
  • R = Model R check valve (24 psi relief/22 psi reset for PLLD)*
  • W = Model W check valve (16 psi relief/13 psi reset for PPM4000)*

Y = Pump Motor Horsepower Rating

  • 33 = 1/3 hp fixed speed
  • 75 = ¾ hp fixed speed 
  • 150 = 1½ hp fixed speed  
  • 200 = 2 hp fixed speed
  • VS2 = 2 hp variable speed**
  • VS4 = 4 hp variable speed***  

A = Model Length

  • VL1 = Variable length range #1
  • VL2 = Variable length range #2
  • VL3 = Variable length range #3

B = Riser Pipe Length

Riser pipe length is expressed as two numeric characters that indicate the total length of the riser in inches. Riser pipes are available from 7" to 60" in 1" increments (additional charge for risers 31" or longer).


*If not otherwise specified, all STP models are supplied with standard model check valve (40 psi relief /35 psi reset for MLD, TS-LS300, and TS-LS500).

**Implied on IST models unless VS4 is specified.

*** IST models only.