Corrosion Control™ System

Desiccant Pack

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Corrosion Control™ System

Desiccant Pack

The Corrosion Control™ Desiccant Pack provides economical proactive in-sump corrosion protection by absorbing humidity from the sump environment before it can turn into corrosion-causing moisture. Keep your system running at peak performance and avoid costly maintenance, equipment replacement, downtime, and system failure caused by excessive corrosion.

  • Protects submersible pumps, fittings, and other tank sump hardware from the formation of corrosion which can lead to equipment deterioration. 
  • Compact, economical, simple design with no replacement parts or servicing necessary. 
  • Includes stainless steel hanging grommet and cable ties.
  • Desiccant blend is formulated specifically for petroleum applications to ensure maximum moisture absorption is contained within an easy to service and dispose of package. 
  • Tested for a typical service life of 4 to 6 months in a 75-100 cubic foot tank sump.
  • Each pack comes individually packaged in a foil barrier bag to ensure long storage life. 
  • Fits through 4” multiport inspection openings for easy install. 


  • Enclosure material: Tyvek® spunbond olefin fiber
  • Desiccant blend: 400-450 grams calcium chloride/starch
  • Grommet: #4 stainless steel
  • Height: 24”
  • Width: 4¾”
  • Diameter: 3¼”

Corrosion Control™ Desiccant Pack

Model Number Description
TSP-KS Unistrut™ mounting kit
407750906 Corrosion Control™ desiccant pack, includes (6) packs and (6) cable ties
403963001 13” cable ties, 100 pack