Configured Panel Solutions

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Configured Panel Solutions

For retail fueling and convenience store applications, Configured Panel Solutions provide a complete petroleum control and power distribution solution for an entire location. 

  • Configured to a specific site application.

  • Replaces Fuel Panel, In-Line E-Stop Contactor, Isolation Boxes, and Pump Control Boxes, plus all associated conduit, wire, fittings and on-site labor.

  • A single panel to replace the Fuel Panel and the Emergency Stop Contactor feeding the Fuel Panel.

  • Provides AC power controls required for a typical retail petroleum application.

  • Includes emergency stop and service disconnects for dispenser low voltage wiring.

  • Optional low voltage circuit disconnects.

  • Optional series connected surge suppression for protection of sensitive electronic circuits.

  • Individual pump and dispenser contactors allow connection of remote control or monitoring system.

  • Pump handle isolation using solid state technology.

  • Lock-offs on dispenser, pump, and card reader circuits to properly and safely isolate a single device for servicing.

  • Provides isolated ground terminations for proper network communications.

  • Marked terminals for easy connection of dispensers, pumps, card readers, fuel management systems and tank monitors.

  • Door-in-door enclosure to help protect against arc flash.

  • Factory assembled and pre-wired, eliminating mounting and wiring of separate components in the field.

AC Power Distribution Capabilities

  • Electrical distribution fuel panel.
  • Electrical distribution lighting panel.

AC Power Controls Capabilities

  • E-stop & reset push buttons
  • Emergency stop controls.
  • Pump hook isolation.
  • Automatic Tank Gauge interface.
  • Pump status lights.
  • Pump contactors.
  • Dispenser contactors.
  • Series connected surge suppression.
  • Parallel connected surge suppression.
  • Lighting controls.
  • Third party control devices.

Dispenser Capabilities

  • Low voltage disconnect.
  • Data circuit protection.

Enclosure Options

  • UL Type 1 indoor.
  • UL Type 3R outdoor.


  • UL Listed.
  • cUL Listed.
  • For compliance with NEC® 514.11 and NFPA® 30A Section 6.7 requirements for Emergency Disconnects at Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities (controlled by E-Stop system).
  • For compliance with NEC® 514.13 requirements for Maintenance Disconnects at Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities (switches to disconnect individual dispenser circuits for servicing).

System Components

  1. Configured Panel Solution
  2. E-Stop & Reset Operator
  3. Automatic Tank Gauge
  4. Submersible Pump Controller
  5. Primary Disconnect
  6. Secondary Disconnect
  7. Open-Bottom Conduit Pedestal (Optional)
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