Surge Management Systems

Surge Management Systems

The Surge Management System provides surge protection for dispensers as well as multiple types of common electronic circuits in one, consolidated enclosure. 

  • Delivers individual series surge protector for each piece of sensitive electronic equipment in the petroleum network.

  • Provides AC power protection for multiple circuits.

  • Compatible circuits include:
    • Dispensers
    • Point-of-sale terminals
    • Office computers
    • Leak detection equipment

  • Each circuit is protected by a dedicated ZTAS surge module.

  • Circuits remain protected if the ZTAS surge module sacrifices itself, preventing remaining energy from entering or damaging equipment.

  • Each ZTAS surge module has an easy-to-replace fuse.

  • An indicator light integrated into each ZTAS surge module provides operating condition status.

  • ZTAS surge modules are for use on a 20 amp circuit, and 5 position terminal strip.

  • Constructed with heavy-duty components for maximum surge protection.


  • UL Listed 1449

Surge Management System

Protection Type Series Connected
Number of Circuits 6, 9, or 12 Circuits
Connection Hardwired (12-14 Ga)
Line-In, Line-Out, Neutral-In, Neutral-Out
Surge Ground (#4 CU)
Installation Type Indoor

Surge Protection Module

Nominal Operating Ratings 120VAC, 1ph, 50/60 Hz, 15A
Max Continuous
Operating Voltage
130 VAC
In 3kA



Components & Dimensions

  1. Lock
  2. Conduit knockouts
  3. Surge Modules
  4. Grounding Bar
Surge Management System Comps Dims.psd

Surge Management Systems

Model Number Description
SMS-06 Surge Management System with (6) ZTAS-03 modules
SMS-09 Surge Management System with (9) ZTAS-03 modules
SMS-12 Surge Management System with (12) ZTAS-03 modules

Replacement ZTAS Surge Modules

Model Number Description
ZTAS-03-15-0 Replacement ZTAS Surge Module with lower mounting feet, for OEM panel builder installation
ZTAS-03-15-1 Replacement ZTAS Surge Module with upper mounting feet, for Power Integrity control backpans
ZTAS-03-15-H2 Replacement ZTAS Surge Module with lower mounting feet, for Surge Management System enclosures