Guardian Fixed Speed Three Phase

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Guardian Fixed Speed Three Phase

The Guardian Series™ Three Phase controller takes a major leap forward in fixed speed Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) control. Built upon the fixed speed Single Phase Guardian Controller platform, three phase fixed speed pump controllers feature an enhanced user interface, greater functionality, and higher performance compared to standard control boxes.


Guardian Series™ intelligent pump controllers let station owners get the most out of their fixed speed pump controller with enhanced functionality and communication capabilities as well as simplifed setup and operation. 

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Intelligently control STPs with features including dry run prevention, fault status notifications, and the ability to communicate remotely with STPs via the Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG).

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With a single press of the “Calibrate” button, the controller will automatically learn the electrical characteristics of the STP.

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Service technicians can quickly review the last five abnormal conditions via the LCD display, allowing for faster troubleshooting of intermittent conditions.


The all-new Guardian Series™ user interface includes features designed to make setup, operation, and maintenance easier for every user.

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1. LCD Display

A 3½” digit LCD display provides readable running and fault status for improved troubleshooting.

2. Output Conditions

Readable output conditions are listed on the front panel for quick reference.

3. User Interface

Separate Reset and Silence/Calibrate push buttons provide clear interaction with the controller.

4. Communication LED

A yellow LED provides a visual confirmation of communication between the controller and the STP.

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Updated surge protection and pump relay circuitry improves the controller’s ability to handle challenging incoming power.


Over voltage protection and enhanced underload detection better protects pumping system equipment.


Updated RS-485 communication provides seamless manifolded pump and Turbine Pump Interface operation.


Turbine Pump Interface (TPI) is a powerful tool that creates a network between the Guardian™ Series controller and EVO™ Series fuel management system. Through TPI, the EVO™ has access to the submersible pumping system status and the capability to react with intelligence that pump controllers alone cannot. The devices share data to provide enhanced system capabilities.

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TPI Capabilities

Remote access to STPs

Response automation

STP history reporting

Pump in water prevention

Clogged STP intake escalation

Overfill protection and automation

Primary and secondary pump management

Adjusted pump priority (leveling on the fly)

Advanced pump control

  • Compatible with most FE PETRO® three phase 3 Hp and 5 Hp fixed speed STPs, as well as comparable competitive STPs.

  • 3½ digital LCD provides readable running and fault status for quick troubleshooting.

  • Separate “Reset” and “Silence/Calibrate” push buttons provide clear interaction with the controller.

  • Automatically logs the last five abnormal conditions seen in the pumping system. This data is retained in non-volatile memory. Service technicians can quickly view a history of abnormal conditions, which is particularly useful when troubleshooting intermittent conditions.

  • Over voltage protection and enhanced underload detection protects pumping system equipment.

  • With a single press of the “Calibrate” button, the controller will automatically learn the electrical characteristics of the STP for easy setup or retrofit.
Dimensions 91/16" x 73/4" x 51/2" (230 mm x 196 mm x 140 mm)
Motor Contact Rating TPGC-220 rated 5 Hp, 208-240 VAC, 60 Hz, Three Phase
Switch Hook Rating 120-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Communication Port Integrated RS 485 to connect Guardian Series™ Controllers to EVO™ consoles for enhanced functionality via Turbine Pump Interface (TPI).
Approvals/Certifications – cULus listed
– CE certified
– ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer

Guardian Series™ Three Phase Pump Controller


Model Number Description
5800103220 TPGC-220 Guardian Series™ Three Phase Controller (220 Volt supply, 110 Volt hook)


  1. Compatible with most three phase FE PETRO® and competitive STPs except 460 VAC and 575 VAC models.
  2. One controller required for each submersible (up to 5 Hp).
  3. Compatible for use in primary/secondary configurations with STP-SCIII models in compatibility mode.

Replacement Parts

Model Number Description
225000932 SPGC-220 upper (user input) replacement board
223689930 TPGC-220 Lower (Power) Board
228727102 Contactor, 3PST-NO (220VAC Coil)