Coaxial Delivery Elbow


Coaxial Delivery Elbow

This longer Coaxial Delivery Elbow is designed to accommodate the needs of the tank truck industry. The longer elbow is made of durable lightweight cast aluminum. The elbow connects to the product line and vapor recovery line at the same time, allowing for single point drop and vapor recovery. This elbow meets Stage I and II vapor recovery standards.

  • Cast aluminum.
  • 4" product line inlet (male cam and groove adapter).
  • 3" vapor line outlet (male cam and groove adapter).
  • Unique cam locking handle for easy on/off coupling.
  • Accommodates all coaxial drop tube adapters.
  • Four bolt flange pattern vs. threaded.

Coaxial Delivery Elbow Accessories

Model Number Description
1100403 Rollpin - 1/8" × 1"
1119601 Screw - 3/8-16 × 1½" Hex Socket
1119001 Wave Spring
88013601 Rear Arm Assembly
88014101 Coaxial Elbow Seal
88013801 Connecting Pin
88014601 Fuel Connection Seal
88016201 Sight Tube
88048201 Operating Handle
88039601 3" Coupling Adapter
88012101 Cam Assembly Insert
88013501 Front Arm Assembly
88014001 Sight Glass Seal
88015101 Sight Tube Spacer
88013802 Connecting Pin
88028401 4" Coupling Adapter
88039701 NPT Male Adapter
88028901 NPT Male Adapter