Six-Way Air Valves

Six-Way Air Valves

These air interlock valves were designed to operate two different air systems at the same time. The lightweight valves are designed to lock the trailer brakes and open the air operated vapor valve at the same time. These six-way air valves can be used in the normally open (N/O) and normally closed (N/C) configurations of N/O, N/C, or N/O, N/O, or N/C, N/C positions. They have an adjustable stem and come standard with TTMA and API mounting holes.

  • Heat-treated, anodized aluminum construction.
  • ¼" NPT connection ports.
  • Field serviceable.
  • Adjustable stem button.

Six-Way Air Valves

Model Number Description
88025601 ¼" - 1" Button Six-way Air Valve
88025602 ¼" - 1" Roller Tip Six-way Air Valve
88025603 ¼" - 1" Duckfoot Six-Way Air Valve
90020 Service kit for 880-256-01
90059 Service kit for 880-256-02

Six-Way Air Valves Accessories

Model Number Description
1109004 Retaining Ring
88014201 Dust Seal
88014501 Plug - Nut
88014801 Spring
88025801 Spool & O-ring Assembly


Title Type Size
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